Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two Posts in One Day - Who Woulda Thunk?

Morning in the Garden at Vaucresson, by
Edouard Vuillard 1923 reworked 1938
Today was a very busy day for mom and myself.  I am going to start it off first with this month's July ABS Challenge piece.
Into the Garden
This month we based our piece off the colors and the tree in the painting.  I had ideas I wanted to do for this month's piece but we don't have a torch yet, so instead we went with this design.  The pendant is from Kim Peters at Singing Cat Studio.  The pendant is gorgeous and mom and I so recommend heading to her Etsy store and check it out!

Here is a better photo of the pendant.

Here is a close up of the beads we made for this piece.  I used a green class from Messy and the Monet frit on top of it.  The other bead is a base of light green with the apricot frit on top.  The accent beads are Rose Quartz and silver Japanese seed beads.

The ribbon we used is from JamnGlass.

Today was an enameling session.  I was able to finish up two wall hangings and two enameled bowls.

These are the pieces I was working on enameling.  I needed to get them done for the show we have this weekend.

This is mom working on putting necklaces together for our show this weekend.

Here are the finished enameled pieces:

Guardian of the Wood

Guardian of the Wood

Purple Lotus

Green Lotus Bowl

Here are the necklaces mom completed (polymer flower and beads are from BeeTree by m.e.)

That is it for us today.  Mom wants a blizzard so we are taking off for some ice cream.  Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. All of your creations are absolutely stunning. I love the last necklace with the gold and white roses. I also love the elephant most of my siblings and their spouses graduated from the University of Alabama, Roll Tide!!!, and any one of them would love to have that elephant.

  2. Everything is absolutely stunning. I'm particularly fond of that first piece!

  3. My oh my oh my... they are all just stunning. I love the pendant in your ABS piece and the ribbon and glass work beautifully to capture all the colors in the inspiration piece. Great job. I really love the glass beads in your necklaces with Bee Trees Flowers - gorgeous!! Wish I could come to your show. They are probably even more beautiful in person. Did you make all those glass beads? I also love the elephants and the Woods Guardian. So cool! Hope you sell like crazy!

  4. @Therese's Treasures - thanks for the wonderful comments. We first made the elephant piece as a pendant, for a friend. She loves elephants and her sorority colors (burgundy/cream). Mom loved how it turned out and had to make it into a bowl, which ended up being a wall hanging.

    @Pretty Things - thanks for the great comments!

    @Aquariart - Thanks for the great comments! Wish you could come to the show too so we can finally meet in person :) Yuppers, made all the glass beads and mom did all the sawing and I did all the enameling. Thank goodness she loves to saw!

  5. The challenge is piece is great - I love the muted color palette with with pop of yellow. It reminds me so much of the painting.

  6. Your challenge necklace is great but I was very interested in the enameled pieces because I do enameling myself. I haven't done any large things but I would love to. You must have a big kiln!

  7. Love that lotus!!! I love the challenge necklace - I have all the beads for this and never had the time to put them together : ( - I love the tree over the focal!

  8. I hope you had a successful show. I have one coming up on Wed. Your challenge necklace is lovely and I esp. like your purple lotus bowl!!!

  9. Oh oH OH you so know that I drooled all over this post and your gorgeous creations. Sorry I have been a bad blog friend but you know how I get sometimes! Hugs!!!!


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