Monday, May 30, 2011

Tribute on Memorial Day

"Vietnam Reflections" by Lee Teter

They are dead; but they live in each Patriot's breast,

And their names are engraven on honor's bright crest.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Upper left corner - Grandpa Ralph, served in the Marine Corps in the South Pacific
In the middle - Grandpa Lee served in the Army in the European Theater
Upper right corner - Uncle Gerald, served in the Marine Corps and died on Iwo Jima
Bottom left corner - my dad, Ralph, served in the Army during Vietnam and retired in 2001
In the middle and the lower right corner - Me, served in the Army from 1991 to 2001
To all who have served or who are still serving, "THANK YOU!"  There are no words to express our (mom and my) gratitude for your service to our country.

I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day. I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it. We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did. ~Benjamin Harrison


  1. No we should not mourn we should celebrate our wonderful hero's. I celebrate you too!


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