Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flower Thursday

Two of my co-workers and I walked over to the horticulture park where a lot of the flowers are blooming.  You all know me I love me some close-up of the flowers, but of course I don't know the names of the flowers which you would think I would learn as I am taking photographs.  Oh well.

Enjoy the pics everyone.

Tonight, while I am working in mom's yard, because I won't let her mow or weed whack yet, mom will be sawing out pendants.  I will be doing an enameling session on Saturday so I hope to have no items to show you all.  Have a wonderful Thursday, just one more day of work!!!!


  1. A horticulture park nearby? You lucky girl! I love the closeup of the prickly bud, are you linking up to I heart macro today? Lots of good shots to choose from.

  2. Gorgeous shots! It looks like an alien planet - yes you should totally link up to studio waterstone! Happy Sunday!


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