Wednesday, November 11, 2009

V-J-J Necklace and Cosmos Bowl

I have been pretty lax on posting photos of stuff that mom and I have been making. With school and work it sometimes feels like that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I made up another V-J-J necklace, and I am very happy with the way the necklace came out. Mom had made up earrings to go with them, but that pair sold at the Sleepy Creek show, and I didn’t have a chance to take photographs of them.

For the V-J-J necklace Mom sawed small copper circles, I folded the circles in half, unfolded them and then put crinkles in the copper to give the circles an abstract leaf look. I then decided what colors I wanted to use, and I enameled the copper circles with those colors. This time I wanted to use blue.

I then made the glass beads to incorporate and complement the colors of the enameled abstract leafs. This time I used a base color of dark blue, green to make vines and the design was flowers.

Mom was nice enough to make the sterling silver links for me, because I seriously hate doing that part of the necklace. Mom also made the clasp out of sterling silver for me.

I usually don’t name my pieces, though there are a few exceptions; the V-J-J necklace and the Hot-Cut-Buns and ThumBowLina bowls. The bowl mom and I made together reminds me so much of space, and I call it the Cosmos. Mom designed an abstract bowl and then sawed it out of a sheet of copper. Mom then took a hammer and shaped the bowl. Then it was up to me to decide what colors to use on the bowl.

For some reason, I decided to use black enamel as the base color. I fired it and I really loved how the black turned out, but I thought it needed some more color, so I decided to use transparent turquoise and mauve purple. When it fired it came out FABOULOUS!!! Those colors gave the bowl so much more definition; it really looked like the cosmos, hence the name “Cosmos Bowl”. I am still working taking a photograph of the bowl that does it justice.

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