Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McCutcheon Sale and Stuido on Sunday

Mom and I had a craft show at the McCutcheon High School on Saturday. This is the first time we have ever done this craft show and maybe our last time. We sold enough inventory to make our booth fee and a little bit extra. The one good thing about the show was that a vendor was walking by our booth and she really liked our enameled bowls. We didn't have a bowl in the color she wanted, but I told her we could make up a couple of bowls and she could see if there was one she liked.

Sunday mom and I went to the VPA to work on making up a couple of the bowls. I got mom set up in the metals studio and I ran downstairs to the ceramics studio to glaze a couple of things for our mid-term critique on Thursday. When I got that done I ran back upstairs to help mom with the bowls.

Mom had cut out four bowls, two of which we would make for the woman in the colors she wanted. The shape she liked was our abstract, clam shaped bowl. One bowl I enameled in miscellaneous blues and the other bowl I enameled with black and turquoise. The blue bowl turned out alright but the mini-cosmos bowl didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, though mom really likes it.
Blue Bowl
Mini-Cosmos Bowl

While I was enameling bowls I was enameling the Viking Knit that mom has been making. Both mom and I wanted to see what would happen when we enameled the Viking knit. I enameled two bangle bracelets and three sets of earrings. I think the experiment turned out really well.
Mauve Purple Bangle Water Blue/Rose Pink Bangle

Mauve Purple Earrings
Orange/Red Earrings

Transparent Turquoise Earrings

We finally finished enameling the bowls and then we went home to work on the inventory for the PAJAMA sale this coming week. We got all the stuff sorted out that we wanted in the show. Mom then started to put the pieces on the PAJAMA cards and I started to work on the labeling and the inventory. I think this is the worse part of doing jewelry and metals, the labeling and inventorying, YUCK!

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