Sunday, September 29, 2019

September Theme Challenge: Foliage

Leaf that was on our driveway with water droplets

This month's Art Elements Theme is Foliage.

Well, I have to say this is the most prolific mom and I have been for the Art Elements Theme Challenges. Mom and I like leaves - so there will be a lot of them.

I actually made some sketches for ideas - they suck - but gives me something to show mom what I am thinking of.

This image was actually a leaf pattern we use for our bowls, a house pattern we used for a cuff bracelet we made years ago - and then I just threw some trees on there for ideas (mom said no to the trees - which I agreed with - but needed ideas for her to see what I was envisioning).

I actually did some sawing - since these were easy enough for me to saw out. Mom is the intricate saw master - give me the easy!!!!

These are the leaves as they are being enameled. With the leaf bowls, or any bowls, I like to enamel the interior first and then the back. The leaf pendants I like enameling the backs first and then enamel the fronts. That is just my preference - I am sure everyone does it slightly different.

Mom and I actually finished the bowl and pendants two weeks ago - for us that is really good. But we had a show last week and I wanted to make sure we were done before the reveal date. The above picture is the one I shared when I completed enameling everything.

So - here are the finished pieces:

I actually made this bowl a few months ago - I used crackle enamel on this bowl and I LOVE how it turned out. So, I had to sneak it in with the pieces I actually made for this month.

This is the bowl based on the two patterns I incorporated into one. Mom made some modifications and I am really happy with the way it turned out. I am so glad mom and I can work together on ideas!

These are the leaf pendants I sawed out. These pendants will be listed in our Etsy store after I open it (hopefully tomorrow). We do have three listed already, but it will be nice to add  more of the leaf pendants. The purple leaf and the brown/yellow leaf have frit on them for a different look. These pendants always put a smile on my face!

This last piece was a last minute piece today. I have had the sketch done for a couple of years and we have had the components for longer. The pendant is one of our abstract/oblong enameled copper leaf pendant and the polymer clay I can't remember who mom bought from. They were a St. NicklausTag gift because I just loved the way they looked. If you know the artist please let me know because I would like to make sure they are named as the artist who made the pods/bird polymer clay.

I laid out the components and then said, "MOM-HELP!". Mom figured out how to add the bird (used a headpin to connect it to the bottom) and then created a loop with the pod at the top of the enameled copper pendant. I then used our lampwork glass beads and poppy jasper as accents to make the necklace. At the top is a seed pod with a jump ring, so I used it as my clasp.

Should have assembled when not tired - I assembled one side wrong.
Going to have to tear apart and reassemble - oh well. Gives me

Overall I am happy with the way my idea turned out.

Thanks for sticking until the end.

I hope you head on over to all the other wonderful artists participating in this month's challenge.


Beth & Evie  (you are here)

AE Team



  1. Such a wonderful collection of leaves, I love all of them!

  2. Your enamelled leaves are gorgeous, I especially love the one with the piercing and the little house.

  3. I love seeing your collaborative work, your enamel bowls and pendants are stunning and I love the necklace. Thank you for joining us for the challenge!

  4. Your enamel work and the leaf shapes go together so wonderfully and the results are stunning! :)

  5. Y'all really rocked out some serious leaves! I like the ones that have the mottled color. They look so much like real leaves! Great work with the challenge. I can tell you were inspired.

  6. The leaf pendants are gorgeous and my favorites.

  7. Those are stunning! I like the purple leaf pendant. The leaf bowl is a great design too

  8. Hey Ladies! LOVE those leaf bowls and pendants - WOW they are so pretty! Necklace is wonderful too! Great job!

  9. Those leaves turned out with beautiful colors! The necklace turned out wonderful!

  10. The leaves are amazing - just wonderful colors and textures. I LOVE 'em! That crackle enamel makes them look just like the patterns I see on real lives. That is some beautiful work!

    I love the earthy feel of the necklace. It's kind of rustic, kind of cottage and kind of country.

    It's pretty cool to see a mother/daughter team who do such nice work together and who are able to collaborate with each other in a way that complements both of your strengths and skills.

  11. I totally love all your pieces but those with the bright fall colors are my favorite!

  12. I love that you two get to work together and bring ideas into physical form. Such a delight to see how things turn out! Magnificent work :)

  13. Your enameled leaves are so gorgeous. I especially the details of the different leaf types sawed into the larger leaf. The necklace is a great blending of components.

  14. I really love your enameled leaf bowls and pendants- the colors and shapes are lovely! Your final necklace is also a perfect way to celebrate fall foliage.

  15. Wow! What a prolific month! You really meant it. I love your speckled layers of enamel wonderful colors. I think the leaf pendants wit the frit are my favorites though! Thanks for joining us!

  16. Your leaves are so beautiful. I am in awe of you sawing such intricate pieces and then giving them such wonderful colors. Great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

  17. Stunning work as always...I love the mottled ones too.

  18. What beautiful work! So cool how you and your mom work together and I love to see the progress shots! Her saw work is amazing and your colors are so pretty! Love your necklace design, too!

  19. I love what your mom and daughter team creates, and this time is no exception. Your bowls are gorgeous and so realistic-looking, and how wonderful that your long-pending necklace idea has come to fruition!

  20. Your enameled leaves are gorgeous! The necklace is lovely. Well done!

  21. The enamelled leaf looks great. The flecks of accents make it look natural.


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