Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Theme Challenge: Flowers

Photo by my nephew Skyler.
It is that time again - the reveal for the Art Elements monthly theme - Flowers.

Mom and I LOVE flowers. If you are friends on Facebook with mom - then you know she loves to post pictures of the flowers from her gardens.

We also love going to a little hort park located near where I work. We have thousands of photos of flowers from that little park. We have even put some of those flower photos on metal prints.

Mom and I love to make flower plates, bowls, pendants and jewelry. I have pictures posted on Flickr, Pinterest and our EB Facebook page. I have been a little lax on posting pictures and I also need to make sure all the photos are out on all of the sites.

Grandma showing Skyler how to saw. I also had Skyler help me enamel.
This past month mom and I have had my niece and nephew for a visit. My niece was able to stay two weeks before she had to get back to work and we have had my nephew for a little over three weeks. We only get to see the kids once a year (they live in Oklahoma) and we only maybe able to see them two more years before they start college. So, we are trying to enjoy as much time with them as we possibly can. If you follow me on Instagram - you can see some of things we did while the kids were here.

So - we didn't fully complete the piece for this month's theme.

The piece is ready to be strung - but we actually have a few more enameled pendants we want to add in. I didn't get them enameled - so waiting on those to be completed.

Mom found the pattern for a sunflower and she sawed it out. I know I took pictures of her sawing out the piece, but now I can't find those pictures (sorry!).

Mom then wanted to form the pendant. I have a dapping block I bought a year ago, but haven't done anything with. I haven't domed anything for over 10 years, so I need to watch some YouTube videos - but mom just winged it.

Mom did a really good job of winging it :)

Once she was done with that - it was onto enameling (after mom found the image she used so I knew what colors she wanted the pendant to be).

Before going into the kiln

After being taken out of the kiln
Here is the final look at the sunflower pendant.

And these are the smaller pendants that mom is sawing out to add to the necklace and also make a bracelet from.

Mom sawing out the little suckers that I will have
fun enameling

Mom finishing up the filing and sanding

Completed pendants that need to be enameled
A look of the beads we are using in the necklace:

We are using some of our lampwork glass beads, with pearls in between the beads and I think we are adding some seed beads too.

Thanks for sticking it out with me until the end.

Now it is off to see what everyone else has created. Here is the list of those participating:

Here is a list of our Visiting Artists:
Evie and Beth - you are here

And our Art Elements Blog Contributors:


  1. Your flower is very pretty. The colors in the enameling are perfect. It reminds me of a field of sunflowers close to where I live. It will make a stunning necklace when completed.

  2. Love that pendant, I think sunflowers are so majestic and yellow colours are so up lifting to ones spirit :D

  3. I do love me some sunflowers, and I'm sure this necklace is going to be a real beauty! The doming is super cool. I'm so glad your visit with the kids went well and hope you enjoyed every minute of your time with them.

  4. Thank you guys for participating this month! So happy you were able to spend time with family and make art :) I am always impressed with the precision of the metalwork and your eye for designing your finished piece. I love those flowers that are determined to make it in nature regardless of man trying to curate them into a landscape!

  5. Looking good in parts already, it will be stunning when it's finished!

  6. As always, your mom's sawing skills blow me away! I think this will be a gorgeous necklace. Those little green freshwater pearls mimic leaves and will be the perfect accent.

  7. That piece will be stunning when it's finished, your bead choice works so well with the sunflower pendant.
    I think your studio is amazing too

  8. Beth, it's nice to see (on social media) that you both are showing the young'uns your crafts. Maybe they'll come to college nearby and help out?!
    That said, the dapping really 'makes' the sunflower .. that was a great idea. Can't wait to see the finished necklace, and I love the colors. Alysen

  9. Love the sunflower, the necklace is going to look stunning when it's finished!

  10. Your piece is off to a wonderful start. The doming of the flower center really adds to the texture and interest of the piece and I think the look you're going for with the smaller enamel pieces is going to make this showstopper.

  11. This is going to be a fabulous piece! The sunflower focal is artfully made!

  12. Beautiful work as always - love seeing your process.

  13. Love seeing so much of your processes -- so much work for one piece! The pendant looks great -- it'll be a stunner I'm sure.

  14. Love sunflowers! That will be really pretty. - and Im sure very popular! Thanks for joining us!

  15. Evie and Beth - LOVE your enameled flower and thanks for sharing how you made it! Beautiful!

  16. That sunflower focal is just beautiful! It will make a lovely necklace. As far as being pressed for time this month in regard to creativity, I was in the same boat.

  17. That necklace is going to be a stunner when it's done! I love how the sunflower pendant turned out... just lovely!


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