Thursday, May 30, 2019

Art Elements Theme - Forest

Metal print by my nephew Skyler - can be found on Etsy.
This month's Art Elements Theme is the Forest. I was so looking forward to creating a piece for this month's challenge. Mom and I started discussing ideas the day I signed us up. I love doing "forest" themed pieces - leaves, animals, bugs, birds, etc.

Unfortunately I didn't complete our piece for this month. I lost track of time (seriously it is the end of May you guys). Mom had some health issues, I was lazy, a family member passed away, I was lazy, and let me say it again - I was lazy and lost track of time. Sorry - that is not an excuse.

But let me at least show you were we were going and I will also share some pieces we have made in the past that are forest themed.

Guardian of the Wood pendant - more in Etsy shop
Mom and I decided to use one of our Guardian of the Woods pendants (you can find four different ones in our Etsy shop). Mom designs a pattern - then we scan it for use later. The pattern is then glued to copper and mom saws it out and then I enamel the pieces in a kiln.

Mom wanted to make enameled copper leaves to go in the necklace and lampwork glass beads.

Mom loves these beads I make - they are a red base with frit on top. I usually have to yell at her to stop stealing the beads - they are to be used to make pieces for us to sell (slaps her hands away from the goodies).

These are the leaves mom sawed out - they are to be used in the necklace, to make a pair of earrings and possibly a bracelet (when I get done enameling).

This is the start of my enameling session. I got all of the backs done - but I still have to do the front of the pendants.

This is the rough sketch idea for the necklace. We want to use the lampwork glass beads down by the bail of the pendant and around the neck. We will then use the enameled leaves in the middle of the necklace. Once I get done enameling and mom and I assemble the piece I will share pictures.

Okay - to share some of our other "forest" themed pieces. First - just look at our blog banner. It is a picture of a Hedgie necklace mom and I made several years ago. I loved how that piece turned out. Mom and I were thinking of making a hedgie for this month's theme, but we wanted to use the Guardian of the Wood pendant.

Wall hangings/plates mom and I have made (max size is about 10" across):

Guardian of the Wood plate - this goes into a shadow box (Sold)

Dragonfly plate (sold)

Wolf howling at the moon plate (sold)
Metal prints/dog tags

Trees against a stormy sky - dog tags on Etsy

My nephew took this photograph - we have it on a metal print now for sell in Etsy

Pendants (wire wrapped or enameled copper)

Hummingbird enameled copper pendant

Wolf enameled copper pendant

Fall leaf enameled copper pendant

Wire wrapped tree pendant

Leaf necklace

Frog necklace

Bee necklace with honeycomb

Leaf necklace (the pendants are just LOS) with our
lampwork beads - mom wired wrap this piece

Hummingbird necklace

Leaf necklace
So, that is what we have for this month's theme. Again I apologize in not following through, but we will get the piece done and I will post pictures.

Now - onto the wonderful artists who are participating:


Evie & Beth - you are here

AE Team


  1. Sorry your mom has had health issues and you had a family member pass away:-( Sometimes life throws curveballs at you & makes us 'lazy' because we need a break. So don't stress, your guardian of the wood pendant is fabulous and I am sure when it's finished it will be gorgeous.

  2. I completely understand how time can get away from you. I let it happen all too often too. I can't wait to see how the leaves work their way into this necklace. I bet it will give it so much texture. It always amazes me how many steps go into each of your pieces.

  3. First, sorry you're having those life issues - I hope things get better soon! The guardian of the woods pendant is fantastic, and you guys are both so talented! Thank you for joining us, and take care!

  4. I wish your mum and your family all the best. I always enjoy seeing the creations of both of you and I am so in love with the frit beads and the enameled leaves! I would steal them all as well! ;)

  5. I started to follow your blog only recently so for me it was delight to look at all your previously enamelled pieces.

  6. Your work is gorgeous! I love that you and your mom share this passion. That is awesome!

  7. I hope your mum is feeling better now and so sorry for the loss you had in the family, I don't think you were lazy at all that is enough to cope with for one month! I really like the frog necklace and the hummingbird piece and those leaves are going to look fabulous with those beads!

  8. I hope you're both un-blah now, perhaps it wasn't laziness on your part, just worrying and that can quell creative souls. Wonderful Guardian! Can't wait to see it finished, and if it makes you feel better, I didn't finish 2 items and the one I blogged about fell apart. You read about it ... ://

  9. Sorry about the issues you've been having - I've think yo've been very prolific and to great effect under the circumstances.

  10. It's quite impressive that you were able to get so many of the components completed despite the month you had. It is a brilliant design idea and I look forward to seeing the finished necklace when you find time to assemble. The look back at past designs was great as well. Especially because there's a frog!

  11. Sorry you've had a rough month, I hope your Mom's feeling better now. Look forward to seeing your finished piece, it's looking great so far!


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