Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Theme Challenge – Moon - Reveal Day

Moon Image - Google search
This month's Art Elements Theme Challenge - Moon. The minute I saw the blog post I signed mom and I up for January's challenge.

I was still on vacation that day - so mom and I started doing a Google search for moon images, goddess of the moon images and moon quotes. The above image is just two pages of images we have. We actually found seven pages of images. Of course we can always come back to some of these ideas and figure out something to do with them.

I also sketched up some ideas for stamped pieces to make into a necklace or bracelet. I don't usually sketch - so this is a big deal. I will come back to these ideas when it warms up some in the garage - that is where all of my stamping tools are. Right now we were about -33 wind chill - but this weekend it is supposed to be up to almost 50 degrees (shorts baby).

From all the images mom and I looked at - this is the one we decided to use to make a pendant. I am so glad mom is the one who comes up with the pattern ideas. Even though mom comes up with a pattern - there are times when she is sawing that she makes adjustments on the fly. I can't do that - I don't do well winging it.

The other pendant we ended up doing was based off of this large pendant mom made for a friend. I love how the design turned out and both mom and I fell in love with the colors. What I wanted to do was also add a "moon" pendant to the back of the tree - so you could see the moon through the branches.

So - these are the two/three pendants mom ended up sawing out for me to enamel.

I did a quick enameling session - before we got hit with the subarctic weather.

I also had a two day bead making session - to make sure I had enough beads made for both pieces.

Once the enameling was done - mom wire wrapped the moon pendant and the goddess tree pendant together. Mom said, "She was winging it". I think it turned out really well.

Mom did have one little mishap - she spilled the seed beads on the beading tray. I told her at least it wasn't on the floor - that would have been fun to clean up.

Okay - enough of me babbling - here are the final pieces we created.

I always worry how the finished piece will look, because you never know what color is going to come out of the kiln (too many factors like temperature and humidity play a role).

 The colors I used for the woman I call my cosmos colors. I think of the woman being part of the cosmos - she is all knowing - she is thinking peaceful thoughts while looking at the moon.

The beads I call my cosmos beads too - so they are a perfect fit with the "Woman of the Cosmos".
The large accent stones are Silver Needle Agate. We didn't have a big enough toggle clasp (our favorite store went out of business and we can't find large clasps we like) so I used a large lobster claw clasp and then made a loop for it to hook on to.

I am so happy with this piece - it is going to be very hard to part with.

This is our tree goddess/moon piece. Mom received the design idea from her friend - and then she drew on the design to come up with a pattern we could saw out. I just loved how it looked after we made it, and wanted to incorporate it into this month's challenge. We just needed to add a moon to the whole thing.

Still with the space theme - I call these lampwork beads my "Kuiper Belt" beads. The accent beads are Kambaba Jasper and seed beads. This necklace does not have a clasp.

A close-up of the pendant. The greens are three different greens that I just decided to put together and see how it turned out when I pulled it from the kiln. And I lucked out - the color is amazing!

Another full view of the necklace.

Another look at the beads.

Thanks for sticking it out till the end. Here is a list of everyone who participated. Have fun blog hopping - because I know I can't wait to see everyone's creations:

Beth - you are here

Art Elements Crew:


  1. Love the Tree goddess. She is adorable

  2. Two absolute stunners, both in design and how they came out in the end. I think I like the second one a little better because it has a bit of an Art Nouveau vibe which I love!

  3. Oh wow, I love the images that you found! I love both your pieces too but wowee that tree goddess!

  4. Oh the tree piece has won my heart, although they are both fantastic, the tree and moon really is lovely, like Cat said I think it is because it has an echo of Art Nouveau which is my favourite era ;)

  5. What great shapes you decided on for these! Y'all put so much work into your pieces. It's amazing. And, the teamwork between the two of you is awesome. My mom and I would be at each other's throats. HA! I do love the blue you achieved on the tree goddess. It makes me think of a mermaid. It's yummy! Great job with this challenge. Stay warm!!

  6. Your moon goddess is beautiful! I love how you interpreted this challenge. I think it is wonderful how you and your mother work together. My mom was a big part of my creative journey. I miss showing her my work and getting her input but I know that she is with me in spirit.

  7. Love your 'Woman of the Cosmos' piece-she's gorgeous but the 'Tree Goddess & Moon' really speak to me. Fabulous job!!

  8. I am stunned! The gorgeous enamel pieces, the wonderful glass beads, and the finished necklaces, just wow! I also think the tree one is my favorite because I love the pattern it creates over the moon. Also to see how you and your mum work together, is really wonderful :)

  9. They're beautiful designs, I loved reading about all the different parts of your process. You make a great team!

  10. I really love how you and your mom work together. I think it's so wonderful. As for the pendants, wow! The tree especially is my favorite. It's just gorgeous. How big are the focals? It's difficult to tell without a frame of reference.
    Thanks for participating in our challenge this month! I hope we get to see another mother/daughter collaboration in future challenges!

    1. Hi - the woman sitting is about 3 1/4" wide and about 3 1/2" long. The tree and moon pendant is about 3 1/2" long and at the tree branches and moon about 3" wide.
      Mom and I are looking for the Feb. Theme Challenge!

  11. I love them both and can't pick a favorite. That green enamel mix is to die for - so luscious! Anything using metal and fire is mysterious to me, so these enamel moons really feel that way, and are beautiful to boot! Thank you both for playing along with us! I can't wait to see what you make next!

  12. I loved reading about your design process from start to finish! Both necklaces are beautiful, love the colors and cosmic effects but it's the Moon Goddess that stole my heart!

  13. Your Mom is so adept at sawing! My fave is the tree goddess, I love the color, the moon is a great thought. I have an 'inspiration' photo that I want to do in wire. I also love the colors in your lampwork beads! Try to stay warm & safe in that extra-wintry weather!! Alysen.

  14. Both necklaces are beautiful! The woman in the first pendant does give off a cosmic aura, and I think the tree goddess one turned out fabulous - the colors, the shapes, the placement - just perfect.

  15. As someone who works with goddess imagery regularly, your pieces really resonated with me. I was thinking "Cosmos" even before I got to your description. But the Dryad ( tree spirit) is phenomenal. With the moon behind - yes! Thank you for joining us!

  16. Oh my goodness... your goddess tree/moon necklace is simply amazing! I just love how that whole piece came together. I wish that I was half as good as your mom with my saw!!

  17. These are sheer magic. I love that you collaborate with your mom on the pieces and your necklaces are amazing! I loved reading about your process and seeing your fab photos.

  18. I was enjoying the work-in-progress peaks on instagram and the final pieces do not disappoint. Gorgeous designs.

  19. What wonderful designs! I love the enamelled tree goddess/moon piece the colours are just AMAZING!

  20. These are absolutely lovely pieces you and your mom have made, especially the tree goddess. It's amazing to see everyone's interpretation of the theme, and I appreciate learning more about the processes.


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