Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yes, We are Alive - Guardian of the Wood Pendants

Work area in computer room
Mom and I are alive - just haven't blogged or really done anything lately.

We have started gluing down patterns and sawing out pendants and plates.

Guardian of the Wood pendants
And we had a custom order for a Guardian of the Wood pendant (made 4 different pendants for the customer to select from).

I did a quick enameling session to get those four pendants enameled to share with the customer.

The customer wanted the pendants in blue and green - so had fun with those colors on the pendant.

Here is a picture of all four pendants together - two have bails on the back and two have holes for jump rings.

Has a bail

Holes for jump rings

Has a bail

Has holes for jump rings
I really love how each of the pendants turned out. Mom and I are still waiting to hear from the customer - but don't want to nag them because they were patient with us on making the pendants.

Mom and I have both been sick with the stomach flu, then mom had a really bad cold and of course the migraines.

Once we hear from the customer on which pendant they would like we will put the other three in the Etsy shop. I also need to work on updating the shop too.

So much to do, but mom and I have been so not in the mood. We are both guilty of this - we are letting stuff consume our lives from work, which I know we shouldn't - but sometimes it is so hard.

We are both grateful for what we have - but sometimes - just sometimes (okay, all the time) - I just want to go in to work and say I quit. Of course I need to make sure I have a backup plan before I jump ship - need to pay the bills.

Okay - will try and post more. I need to get back into our fun outlets and blogging was one of my fun outlets. So, get back to it Beth!

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