Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Loss of a Fur Baby and New Fur Baby Added

On July 5th I loss my mushmellow Mishka. We have no idea why he passed away but he did. I was heartbroken for days. I would come home and the tears would just flow down and I would just expect him to come walking up to me. I love all my cats, but he was my special one, he was the one who chose me.

When I was at the pound - he stuck his paw out and stroked my face - I was a goner. He was with me for 12 years and I enjoyed every minute I had with him.

I will miss you wiggle butt!

On October 26th I got Bells - it was a Monday. I remember this because I first saw Bells at the store on Saturday - I played with her and made myself walk away. On Sunday mom and I went back to the store and I saw her again and played with her some more and again I convinced myself to walk away. Mom said when we got home she thought I would break down and cry because I left her behind. On Monday I told mom I was going back to the store and if Bells was still there I was getting her. And yes, I had already named her and considered her mine. I am so thankful she was still there because her sister had just been taken to her furever home just the hour before.

Currently I have the cats separated at night. For the first two weeks I had them separated completely unless I was home to supervise. Then I bit the bullet and started letting her roam free. When I open that door in the morning - it is a free for all - of course it treats time first. Bells is one little vacuum for treats. If the older cats don't wolf down their treats in time they are all hers.

Bells is trying so hard to try and get the older cats to play with her. They are all still having hissy fits at her - though she is pouncing on them and saying please play with me. They don't seem to hiss too much when I get the feather out and have Rev and Tiesha play (Koshka could care less).

Bells has seriously wormed her way into my heart already.

This is us last night working on the computer. She had to supervise and make sure I was doing it correctly. There are times that she left to terrorize the other cats, but she would come back every so often to make sure I was working away.

So, that is one update. I will try and post more this week of what mom and I have been up to since forever ago.

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  1. I am so terribly sorry about your kitty. I lost Max this year. We got Lily, or rather, my husband insisted we bring her home. She's a character, completely like any other cat I've ever had. And she has a gray heart on her fur, and Max was gray, so I think he's giving his seal of approval.


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