Monday, May 5, 2014

All Things Change

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Well, thirteen years ago today is when I started terminal leave from the Army.  Wow - I still can't believe it has been that long, it just seems like it was yesterday.  So many things have happened in the last thirteen years.  I still don't regret getting out of the Army, I miss my military friends and the friends I could have made but I am happy with where I am at!

Mom and I had a show this past Saturday.  We actually planned ahead and set the tables up on Friday so all we had to do on Saturday was lay out the inventory.  As you can see we had a lot of space.

Mom fiddling with the inventory - I help set it up and then I stand back and let mom fiddle until she is happy.  It is safer that way for the both of us :)

Here is one side of the table - as you can see we are still low on inventory - need to get our butts into gear!!!

The other side of the table.  I like being able to have this much space to lay everything out - plus we are inside with no wind!!!  I like our indoor shows!

The show was very slow so mom and I had brought the BSBP pieces to re-work (again).  Mom and I have been going back and forth about what each of us like.  I think this time I nailed it with one of the pieces - mom and I were still arguing about the other piece during the show.

Of course I can't share with you the piece until next weekend.  You will have to come back and check out what we created with the goodies we got from Genny.

On Sunday mom and I unloaded the car, from the show, and setup the tables to lay out all the things we need to work on.  Maybe with everything laid out it will motivate us to work - I guess it worked too because as you can see mom is working away :)

The other piece for the BSBP next weekend.  I can't wait to share because it is definitely not something we do on a regular basis - which is great because it got us out of our comfort zone - the reason that Lori created Bead Soup Blog Party.

Tonight is taking pictures of the pieces and start writing up the blog post for Saturday.  Also, mom and I need to discuss what pendants we want to saw out - need to get cracking - I know I keep saying that and nothing happens but need to start working!!! 

Maybe this is the change we need - a new day and a new month - plus it is warming up outside and we can start working in the studio more!

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