Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Happenings

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Today mom had a procedure done in her neck - she receives a steroid shot in her neck.  She is giving twilight juice to make her sleep and they inject the shot into her neck.  Mom has to be off almost all her pills for two weeks before this shot, especially aspirin, because there is a chance the doctor messes up and mom can bleed out without him even knowing it.  Nice thought huh?????  The shots do help with mom's pain, which is good since she does not want to have surgery.  Mom goes back in two weeks for another shot.  So far it looks like the shot has helped - she said her right arm is feeling much better now.  That is good because mom said it was starting to be hard to grip a pen to write, she couldn't use the flex shaft to drill holes and I am not sure if she is going to be able to help file and sand the pieces we have done before I enamel them.  Cross your fingers these shots last a long time because I hate to saw out all those intricate designs, file and sand too :).

This is still mom's sawing area - she did finish that mask (though needs to be filed and sanded).  You can see the next pendant she plans on working on.

Here is the mask before filing and sanding. I am not sure what we are going to enamel it but I can't wait to see the finished piece!!!!

Here is a pile of cleaned beads - we have beads for two necklaces, two bracelets, and several earrings in there.  Some of those beads are experiment beads for a customer.  We are trying to match the colors of a necklace she bought but I am out of the glass I made the beads from and where I buy my glass does not have it - so experimenting with color.  I think we have some beads that might go now just need to make them up into earrings.

Here is my sawing area - all easy pieces to saw out.  I have some circles, kokopelli and a leaf bowl.  Like I said, easy pieces!!!!

The following arrived in the mail:

The beads are polymer clay pillow beads from Tropical Blonde.

I made the following from two sets of her beads back in September and they both sold at our Art on the Wabash show within the first two hours.

I hoarded her beads for over a year before I made up lampwork beads that went perfectly with her little beauties.

Well, I wanted to buy more polymer clay pillow beads but I saw her shop was empty.  Mom said try emailing Kate and see if she would be willing to sell us some more.  Well, Kate responded and said sure and that is that.  I seriously can't wait to create something with them.

I am off to work some more in the garage before I head home and do nothing.  Trying to make sure mom doesn't do anything stupid to hurt herself.  Who needs kids - I have my mother :)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Good to hear that your Mom's shot seems to be working for her. Also glad to hear that she wasn't affected by those tainted steroid shots! yikes...

    The mask is incredible! I'm imagining you there sawing away at your "easy" pieces. Have fun!

  2. I hope your Mom continues to feel better...chronic pain is the worst! EASY PIECES TO SAW??!! Ha! I cannot even saw a straight line! i am always in awe of your work! Those bracelets are gorgeous...I can see why they sold so quickly! BTW: check out the Love My Art Jewelry blog're in it! Congrats!

  3. Glad to hear the treatment is helping... I hope it continues to do so. Easy sawing!!? Good on you for doing that Beth and for taking great care of Evie. The polymer and glass look lovely together.


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