Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy But Satisfying Weekend and Now Time To Play

Last Finishing Touches for Friday's Show
Friday night was the opening of the Friends of Frankfort Art Show.  Mom and I arrived around 4:00pm Friday night to put the final touches on the table for the show.  While mom was putting the last touches to the table I had to run down to the car to get something.  When I came back to the building, there was an older gentleman, first in line, sitting in a lawn chair reading a book.  He said by goodness he was going to be the first in line this year, and he was.  I was talking to the lady who organizes this event and she said people usually start lining up at 4:30 for the patron's opening.  I knew it was crazy, but didn't realize how crazy it would become.
Necklace that Sold that We Were
Going to Tear Apart
The opening for the patron's show started at 5:00pm and boy were these people ready to shop!  We had an older lady and her husband come in, and she went directly to an enameled pendant necklace and snagged it so fast it made our heads spin.  It was great.  What is funny is that mom and I had planned on ripping that necklace apart if it didn't sell after our show season.  I am so glad someone loved the necklace enough to buy it.

The Splendor necklace sold within the first 10 minutes of the show.  A woman came by, tried it on, and said she would come back.  She came back and bought it and she wants us to make her a pair of earrings to go with the necklace.  About an hour after that necklace sold, a woman came by asking if we had made another Splendor necklace.  I told her it had sold and then I rememberd her from the Art on the Wabash show.  She really liked the Splendor necklace I was wearing (made with Kelley's beads) and was hoping I would sell it.  I told her we could make another one, but I didn't have any more of those blue egg beads from Kelley.  I said if I could buy more eggs from Kelley I would try to make another necklace and let her know when I did.  I know it is not good business not to sell a piece, but I just can't let that necklace go.

The frog necklace sold near the end of the show.  There were two couples waiting for the group that was lookin at the necklace to put it down so they could snag it.  That was very gratifiying that we had a whole group of people who wanted that necklace.

Mom and I did really well talking with the customers and telling them about how we make the bowls, lampwork glass beads and Viking Knit.  We also had a presentation running on the laptop so they could see the process of how we make everything.

Saturday and Sunday was the same thing.  We sat by the booth working on Viking Knit or regular knitting, we would stop and talk with customers when they stopped at the booth.  If either of us were working on the Viking Knit we would show them what we were doing, so people seemed really interested in learning what mom and I do.  I am really looking forward to participating in this show again next year.  I had a blast and I think mom did too.

Here are some photos of the the gallery set up for the show.

These are just an idea of what was all at the show.  There were walls and walls covered in paintings and photographs.  There were wood workers, textiles, jewelry, glass, pottery, etc.  Just so many great artists were represented at this show.  On Saturday and Sunday they even did demonstrations of woodworking, pottery and painting.  I can't say enough how awesome this show is!
Mom and I took today off to recover plus I wanted to play with paina's from Shannon at Missficklmedia.

I have had to wait all weekend to play with the patina's.  Mom and I went out to Walmart this morning to pick up some of the supplies and now all I have to do is wait for mom to finish up several Viking Knit bracelets and I am jumping right in!!!!  I am so excited.  I also really excited to try the Peacock Blue (Utopia) color.  The color looks so gorgeous when Shannon does her pieces that I have my fingers crossed that the same will happen for us.  I will take photographs of finished pieces - if they don't look awful.  I am now off to play.


  1. Congrats on the show~ the layout is lovely and it sounds as if a good time was had by all.

    Lookin' forward to seeing your patina work!

  2. Love that all went well at the show! Cant wait to see the viking knit pieces.



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