Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Enameling Session

Mom Forming Bowls

Today was our last enameling session before our three day show next weekend.  I was able to enamel nine bowls and a bird pendant.  While I was enameling mom was drawing up and then cutting out our ABS November Challenge piece, sawing out another bowl and another bird pendant.

November Challenge

Tree Sawed Out

Mom's Mess - copper shavings and scrap

I am so glad mom finds sawing so relaxing and she wants to saw out the pieces.  I will saw if I have to but if mom wants to saw more power to her jeweler's saw!  It is funny, each of us saws a piece out differently.  When I saw out a piece I like to saw out the inside first and then saw the perimeter out.  Mom is the total opposite, she saws the perimeter first and then saws out the middle.  And I am the one who taught her how to saw.

Here are the finished enameled pieces.

Japanese Fan Bowl

Kokapelli Bowl

Man in the Moon Bowl
Opaque blue bowl

Transparent purple bowl

Transparent yellow & transparent purple bowl

Transparent Blue bowl

Transparent red and orange bowl

Yellow Green Bowl

Mom and I have also been working on creating bracelets and necklaces for the show next weekend.  Right now we only have one new necklace and seven new bracelets for the show.  I just finished up the bird pendant and we have another leaf and frog pendant to make into necklaces.

And here is the final picture of the day; the bird pendant.  Unfortunately the holes filled up where we connect the necklace to.  Mom is trying to figure out a different way to connect the bird to the necklace.  Our favorite saying when things don't enamel the way we want, "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome".

That is it for today.  Tomorrow is inventory day - so not looking forward to that.  I hope you all had a productive Saturday.

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  1. Oh the tree pendent is to die for and you know I love the bird! I have been meaning to ask a question....are your bowls fire proof like for burning candles and such?

    Those bracelets are so sweet and pretty tooo!



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