Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Patina's by MissFickleMedia

Yesterday was my play day with my new patina's from MissFickleMedia.  I have been looking forward to this all weekend long.  That was part of our explanation when we were showing customers how we do Viking Knit at our show this past weekend.

Mom and I went to Walmart for some supplies - paper towel, gloves, mask, funnel...Once I got home I set up the studio while mom finished up the Viking Knit we were going to use to make bracelet's and earrings.  I set up the patina on the table that has our torches, the only spot big enough to do anything and where I felt comfortable using the torch on the Viking Knit.  As you can see it was like a mad scientist's work station - this was so much fun!  Well, except when I melted two end caps because I wasn't paying attention.
My Mistakes
It took a few mistakes to finally figure out what I was doing wrong.  I was heating up the Viking Knit to long before I put it in the patina.  The second Viking Knit down you can see where I crimped the metal in the middle.  I finally figured out I need to hold the ends, but sometimes that is hard.  Oh well, I do really like the bottom Peacock Blue (Utopia) Viking Knit. 
 The bottom picture, end caps and toggle clasp, were dipped in the Violet and then the Peacock Blue patina.  The findings have a dark blue look.  That is the same with the Viking Knit - the second Viking Knit from the bottom - was dipped in the Violet and then the Peacock Blue to give it a dark blue look.  We will see what happens after I have sand the findings and Viking Knit and then spay them with sealant.
Saffron - will be earrings

I think I did better on the Viking Knit and End Caps for the Saffron and Paprika patina.  I had better coverage overall and I worked better with the Viking Knit and findings - had more practice before I worked with these colors.
Saffron & Paprika Patina
Top Viking Knit - Saffron and Paprika Patina

I also played by dipping of Viking Knit in two patina's.  I dipped one of the Viking Knit bracelets in the Paprika and then the Saffron patina.  I think the colors turned out wonderful, but I won't know until I sand the bracelet and then seal it.
I played with another color of patina, but this was a cold application - I didn't have to heat up the metal to apply the patina.  I dipped the Viking Knit and wire into the patina and I am letting it set overnight in a baggie.  When I get off work tonight I will stop at mom's house and see how the Viking Knit turned out.  Like I said, I feel like a mad scientist at work - so much fun!

I will take photographs of the finished pieces when we get them made up into bracelets and earrings.  Stay tuned!


  1. I'll bet you look like a mad scientist too! I love Shannon's patinas ... especially the Saffon and the Russet. I have some new ones that just came in that I'm looking forward to working with. Your viking knit pieces look awesome with the patinas.

  2. What fun! I love watching the discovery process and I think you are definitely on the right track. I can't wait to see them sanded and sealed.

    Nice Viking Knit work, too!


  3. There is nothing on the market that competes with this technique right now; skilled execution of the viking knit with authentic patinas.

    I am very excited for the direction you are moving towards with this. Try to think like a painter in that dark colors like the peacock blue and violet will not contrast well, layer these colors on top of white or brown or even black to bring out depth and contrast. this is especially crucial when working with something as texturally rich as this detailed knit. You want to enhance the space the between the weaving's not just coat them in color.

    (Sorry this is a really long comment, I just got excited for your wonderful craftsmanship!!!)

  4. This is fascinating - thanks for posting about it. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  5. Oh wow - that looks like FUN! What metal are you using, copper or silver?


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