Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad, the Good and the Waxy

Ok, I am sure you're asking yourself, "What does she mean "Waxy?".  There is a story to this and I will explain later on in the blog.
The Pack of My Car
This is a photo of the back of my car packed to the gills, though this is better then some of the other shows with the car packed.  I think we, which I mean mom, is getting better at packing the car.  It also helps I have images of previous packs where we can look at it and see what we did before.  Thank goodness mom can pack because I sure as heck can't!  The one down side is that passenger seat is pulled all the way forward and mom's knees are in the dashboard.  Thank goodness she is short!
Full Booth

The art show, "Art on the Wabash", for us was a great success.  We sold a lot of our stainless steel necklaces, several bracelets, one of our more elaborate necklaces and a few of our bowls.  I was very happy with the crowd, even though it started out overcast and there were some sprinkles.
Bowl Side
The only bad episode, during the whole show, was I messed up a credit card payment and that threw me off the rest of the day.  This is the second show mom and I have used the credit card machine and we both still panic when we have to use it (ok, I am the one that panics).  I did great with our first sale, which the customer used a credit card, and I thought to myself "I can do this!"  Then the second sale was a customer who bought our wolf plate for her son and I ran the credit card and then all hell broke lose.  I missed keyed the amount and I heard what the computer said and my stomach dropped to my toes.  The customer was very patient with me and mom while we fixed the issue and I felt so bad for her.  I was shaking the whole time while trying to fix my mistake.  I hate, hate, hate making a mistake with money!
Splendor Necklace
When mom and I do shows we try and wear a piece of our jewelry.  This show I decided to wear the Splendor necklace, because I am not ready to part with this necklace.  We had a lot of nice compliments over the necklace and I had fun explaining how it was made and who made the beads - shout out to Kelley!  I did have one woman who asked how much we would sell it for and if it was alright if she tried it on.  Mom and I told her the amount and I think she would have bought it right there if she could.  The necklace did look really good on her, but she ended up buying a different necklace.  Mom said, "You are glad she bought something else aren't you" and I said "Yes, I am not ready to part with this yet."  So, I think we are going to make another necklace like Splendor and put that one up for sale and I am going to keep this one for myself.  I just can't part with the necklace.  I love Kelley's beads and I love how the bird pendant came out and it just makes me happy.  Oh well.
Necklace Side
Ok, the wax story.  When mom and I do outside shows we have two citranella candles with us to ward off the bugs.  After being in the army and going to the field I am all for not having bugs around me!  Mom and I had the candles burning the whole time, so there was a nice puddle of wax in each container.  It was the end of the day and we had about half an hour before the end of the show.  We were running a credit card for a customer and we finished the transaction and the customer left.  Mom looked down at the knuckle buster and noticed we still had the customers credit card, mom panicked which in turn made me panic when she said go find the customer.  I turned around and went to run off when I knocked over the candle and I had wax go down my leg and into my shoe.  Needless to say I was yelling "Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!".  There is only one time I tried waxing my legs and that is nightmare I never wanted to repeat!  I got the wax off and I wasn't burned, but let me tell you that really woke me up!  Currently my shoe and sock are in the freezer and I need to get them out so I can chip the wax off both of them.
Customer and Screen with Necklaces and Earrings
Mom and I did have two photos of our stuff in our local newspaper, Journal and Courier.  We are photo number one and photo number five.  Photo one is a picture of our "Happy/Sad" face necklace, "Walk in the Woods" necklace and our purple necklace.  Photo number five is a picture of two customers looking at our necklaces on the screen.

This weekend is our favorite art show at Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  This is their third annual Salt Fork River At Festival.  Mom and I have participated in this festival since the beginning and we both love it.  I will find images and post them from last year.  It is such a great place to be.  So if you located around Champaign or Danville, IL area you all should come out this weekend.  Oh, and mom was interviewed for the Champaign newspaper, the reporter mom talked to is suppose to bring several hard copies, and I would love to see what she wrote about the art festival and if she used anything that mom had to say.

Update on the external hard drive.  It is at Best Buy right now and they are trying to retrieve all the photos.  I am hoping I will have an update on the process tomorrow or Friday.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Oh I am so glad you still have 'Splendor'! I love this necklace so much! If it were mine I would never part with it!!! I am also very very happy the show was such a success! I knew it would be though! I go to shows in the area and I will say there is an awful lot of jewelry but rarely made with heart! Yours are truly heartmade! (you know I like to make up words) ;)
    As for the Waxing all I can say is OOOUUUCCCHHH! I am happy you were not burned!

    Hugs to you and Mom

  2. Glad the show went well, but sorry you spilled wax all over your leg & shoe :(

    Best Buy took our tv for the ten bucks and turned around and gave us a gift card in the same amount like you said. Yay! One more thing off the floor :D

  3. The "Splendor" necklace is awesome...I can see why you can't part with it. Sounds you had an interesting show...glad it all turned out well.


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