Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend mom and I had a show at Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  Joe and Dawn were kind enough to let us set up shop and give demos on Saturday.  We had the whole upstairs gallery to spread out and work.  I was showing people how to saw out copper and mom did demos on how to do Viking Knit.  It was a lot of fun.

Sign that Announced We Were There
As you walked in the front door this sign was sitting in front of the counter.  It was used to announce we were in the house.  I love the little Viking helmets!

Here are signs pointing the way to where we were located - up in the gallery.  It was pretty cool up there and we got our exercise going up and down those steps.

At the top of the stairs we had a presentation running on my laptop of how we make the bowls, make the beads and do Viking Knit.  Over the Christmas holidays mom wants to re-work the presentation and we also need to add the photos of how we make the pendants.

This was where we set up the inventory, so the rest of the space could be used for the sawing demo and the Viking Knit demo.  The table looks a little bare because mom and I forgot to take a tube of our enameled bowls.  We had everything laid out to pack but we just didn't have the tube with the large and small bowls.  Oh well, we have another sale day today that we can lay out the bowls.

This was the sawing set up.  There is a bench pin on each end and then we had saws, saw blades, files and sanding sticks if there was anyone who wanted to try sawing.  It ended up just me doing demonstrations if someone came upstairs.  I guess no one wanted to be brave enough to try sawing.  Mom and I were able to saw out several pendants and set of earrings that I will be enameling next weekend.

Mom even made up instructions.  I love the first line, "If you drink, DON'T SAW!"  Which was a wise move, if I can saw myself without drinking can you imagine what would happen if someone was sawing after having some wine, not a pretty picture!

This was the table set up for Viking Knit demonstrations.  Mom actually had more ladies participate in this demo.  Mom had created a bundle of 24 gauge copper wire and a dowel rod to give to people along with instructions.  All the ladies were very intense on learning how to do the Viking Knit and I think came away with a real appreciation of what mom and I make. 
Today we just plan on having the inventory laid out downstairs.  Then mom and I plan on just sitting there knitting away, talk with Dawn, have some coffee or wine slushies.  A nice and relaxing way to end the four day holiday.


  1. how very cool...sounds like you had a lot of fun and at the end of the way thats the best thing about being an artist that works with their hands...

  2. Oh how I wish I could have come! To learn to saw from Mom and knit with you (haven't tried it but love the look) would be HEAVEN! I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving and you know you were one of my thankful things!



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