Sunday, November 7, 2010

Inventory Day With Help From the Cats

Computer Set-Up & Lily (our helper)
Today was inventory day - mom and I are preparing for our three day show this coming weekend.  We have to change all of our tags to the inventory numbers the library needs because we aren't collecting the money the library is (this is their fundraiser).  We have a vendor number, the inventory number and then the price on the tag.  At least we are being smart about this and writing down our numbers with the numbers we are now labeling the inventory with so it will be easier to re-tag everything after the show.

We did the inventory in mom's kitchen which is sooo much warmer than out in the garage.  We laid out all the bowls first, so I could take photographs of the ones I haven't yet, and then mom could tag everything with the new numbers.  Mom does this because her handwriting is so much nicer than my scrawl.

It was so much easier having everything laid out so I could see what had already been photographed and what still needed to be photographed.

I have found a new area for taking photographs during the wintertime, because I sure as heck am not going outside to take pictures during the winter.  I am using mom's sun lamp for lighting and then a gray background to lay the pieces on.  I like gray, I think it is soothing.
I had to share one more photograph of Lily, mom's youngest baby.  Both Lily and Sasha, mom's other cat, love the bubblewrap.  Of course that only kept those two occupied for a little bit and then they had to be into everything.  Sasha wanted to be petted while mom was writing and Lily had to play with everything.

While mom is finishing up the last of the labeling I am posting some new pendants on Etsy.  I am listing the red maple leaf pendant; the air, earth, fire pendants (because I may have someone interested in the water pendant); and a lotus pendant.

Boy, this weekend was busy.  It is nice to be so busy but oh so tiring too.


  1. Fur Babies! Glad you were able to stay warm while doing inventory. Looks like you have a lot to take to the show so I hope you don't have to bring a lot back! LOL


    PS I want to put your button on my blog but I can't see the HTML code can you send it to me?

  2. I have a not so helpful but interested cat too. She snatched one of my felted balls today while I went upstairs to get thread and I had to chase her around the house to get it back. She makes me laugh and keep a sense of humor.
    Everything I make she thinks is for her.
    Your photos will look nice on the grey. I am also getting ready for a 3 day show and will be doing inventory tomorrow. You are inspiring me to get to work on it!


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