Sunday, November 21, 2010

Studio Weekend

New Inventory in Etsy
Yesterday was a day that I took photographs of earrings and pendants then worked on cropping and resizing the images and then uploading all into our Etsy shop.  There were 24 new pieces that I uploaded yesterday.  That was about 10 hours of work and I am proud of myself for getting that done.

Mom and I did take a break to do some errands.  I had to get a haircut and I wanted to look for new shoes.

Duct Tape in Right Shoe

Padding Coming Out

I have had these shoes for almost seven years, when I started working full time at my current job.  I love these shoes, but when you are using duct tape to cover up a hole because all the padding has falling out there I think it is time to buy a new pair of shoes.  But boy did I get my money's worth out of these shoes.

New Shoes - Dansko
I have read Lori Anderson loves these shoes and I know my aunt loves them because she owns three pairs.  My aunt, who is a nurse, said she knows of other nurses and doctors who swear by them.  I have really bad feet, so I will try anything for my feet not to hurt.  Of course I have never bought shoes that cost that much, unless you count my jump boots from the Army.

White Board - List of thing to do

Today was working in the studio, even though mom still wasn't feeling up to snuff.  She has been hacking and snotting around - joy what fun for the both of us.

Me torching a plate

I only had a few things to enamel today.  I torched a plate for mom to form and then I got busy enameling.  I had the plate and three pendants to get done.  One pendant is for the November Art Bead Challenge, a pendant is for a friend (Kristen on My Bead Journey) and the other pendant was something mom cut out a long time ago, but I have been putting off enameling because I knew it would be a pain. 

Pendant mom cut out - Flure De Lis
Bird for Kristen

November ABS Pendant/Necklace
If you would like to see more of the Art Bead Challenge piece head on over to our Flickr site for the images.

I finally sealed some of the Viking Knit that I patined on Monday.  I am testing these with the lacquer we use until the sealant I ordered arrived.  I can't get a good photograph with the sunlamp, so I am hoping for some sunshine soon.

I guess that is it.  It is late and I still have to go home and do laundry, change the sheets, clean up and eat.  Oh, tomorrow is when the reduction in size program starts with our group at work.  Cross your fingers for us.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have a gazillion pairs of Danskos. Well, that may be exaggerating. But not by much!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Danskos! I wish I could afford more than 2 pair at a time because they are my favorite shoes.

  3. Love all the new pieces! Kristen is super excited about that bluebird~ it'll be so cool to see what becomes of the collaboration. :)

    Hope Evie is feeling better by now~ sick sucks.

    Love y'all!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birdy!!!! That is so so so so so pretty! I so can't wait to see it in my hot little hand. I am feeling much better and I will be finishing up your stuff this week! OMG I am so excited!!!!!!!

    HUGS HUGS and More HUGS!


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