Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Belly Bulge That Is

It is official - need to lose weight!  Pants are too tight, uncomfortable and my knees hurt.  Mom and I have been talking about doing something about losing weight, but I have never got off my butt to do anything about it.

Effigy to a Scale
This is a plate I made in my spring ceramics class that explains all I feel about the scale.  Ever since I got out of the military I have had no desire to get on a scale or exercise ever again.  But you can't do that and not gain weight, which I have been doing since I got out - not good!!!

Well, today at work we have decided to start a group to lose weight and there is an incentive to do it - a pot of money.  Each of us, who are participating in the group, will contribute $20 and when we do our final weigh in on April 1st the person who has lost the most percentage will win the money.

So far there are 7 of us participating.  One of the girls will bring a scale in and we will weigh ourselves on Monday and like I said the final weigh in will April 1st.  We have a third party who will keep track of the weigh ins and the money - so no cheating.  I know, you are thinking but it is the holiday's and all that food.  I don't care - my knees hurt!  I have started counting points (if you are Weight Watchers you will know) and I plan on starting to exercise - the Wii is calling my name.  I have my fingers crossed that mom and I can do this because I would love to feel comfortable in my clothes again and my health will be better.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. You can do it! I need to start walking again on a nightly basis. I know I will feel better and maybe Little Horse will behave himself better when everyone is supposed to be sleeping :)

  2. The easiest way I lost weight was making sure I ate 5 fruits/vegetables a day. Not only is that alot of food but it keeps you from hunger pains. The other way is to keep your fat intake to less than 60 grams a day. I can easily say that but it is still hard to maintain. I wish you luck and healthy body in this.


  3. Weight Watchers has definitely worked for me in the past! It really helps you understand portion sizes. Good luck. Wish I was still in Dauch so I could participated! (Actually, I don't really wish I was in Dauch. But I do wish I could participate in your group!)

  4. I will start bringing in the pastries on Monday and place them in the aisle by all of you guys so I can WIN this challenge!!!!


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