Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finished Bowls and Pendants - Grab a Cup of Coffee and Read On

Mom Sanding
Mom will probably kill me for posting this picture of her, hair not done and she is in the zone sanding, but this is us working away on Sunday.  Mom finished up sanding six "ThumBOWLina" bowls, sawed out and filed/sanded a blue bird pendant and a Kokapelli bowl.
ThumBowlina bowls to be formed
Kokapelli bowl to be formed
Bowl and pendants to be sawed out
While mom was working on sawing out, filing and sanding bowls and pendants I worked on finishing up the enameling from last week.  Oh, I did take breaks to take photographs of mom working on the blue bird pendant because I am creating a slide show of how we make our pendants out on Flickr and Facebook.
Cracking of Enamel
Enameling was interesting on Sunday.  Because the weather is starting to become cooler, we found out certain colors will crack when you take the piece out of the kiln.  Since mom and I just started using the kiln this summer we had no idea that this problem will occur.

So, we improvised, adapted and overcame the problem!
Space Heather Set Up
Mom got the space heaters out, we made up a little table and put bricks on it so I could put the hot enameled pieces next to heaters to keep the enamel from cracking.  Mom's a genius!!!  I think I will keep her.
Pendants out of Kiln
Bowls out of Kiln
Here are images of the finished pieces.  Sorry for the poor quality but I was not able to take the pics until the evening and the sun was going down and there were shadows.  But at least you have an idea of what we finished.
Earth and Air
Fire and Water
Red Creek Jasper Frog

Red Creek Jasper Leaf

Transparent Red/Orange Leaf
Dragon Fly Bowl
Fields of Grain Bowl
Flame Bowl

Lotus Bowl

This week I plan on finishing up six bracelets and a necklace that mom worked on.  I just need to crimp the ends and then take photographs of everything.
Bracelets to Finish

Bracelets to Finish

Necklace to Finish
That should be enough to keep me busy this week! Along with taking photographs of all the inventory - joy.

If you stuck with me this far you should stick with me a little bit more.

Lori Anderson, Pretty Things,was kind of enough to let mom and myself participate in her monthly Cup of Bead Soup.  If you haven't checked her Cup of Bead Soup out I would highly recommend it; Lori has created some of the most gorgeous jewelry with the beads that artist's have sent her - awesome!

Mom and I decided to send Lori an enameled copper "Lotus" pendant and some of our lampwork glass beads.  Mom loves these beads and I had a bracelet made out of these beads that mom kept trying to steal and I wouldn't let her.  Mom and I can't wait to see what Lori creates with the goodies.  I am so excited!

I guess that is it for now.  Thanks for sticking with me as I babbled on about what we worked on.  This coming Saturday will be another whirl wind activity of enameling and then Sunday is inventorying day (YUCK!).  We need to have the inventory done because our three day show is November 12th - November 14th and both mom and I are so excited.


  1. It looks like y'all had a super fun and super productive day~ everything is awesome, Beth! And tell your mom her hair is supposed to be untamed while working with such wild abandon~ also that's she gawjus!

    I saw the collection you sent Lori. TDF sistas!

  2. I am LOVING the lotus and flame bowls, Beth! Have you done a post on your studio with pics? I would love to see what your whole set-up looks like :)

  3. That fields of grain bowl is AWESOMENESS! Hey MOM looks great and so into the creative process! OK here is my prediction for the show.....since it falls on my b-day it better bring sales galore!

    Hugs and Love
    PS where is the pic of my fav bird?

  4. You cut all that out with a saw? You are my heroes. I hate doing that sort of thing. I love that leaf. Dreaming of it, actually... really wonderful work! And yes, keep mom! She is awesome!

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Love all the new items. You are both working hard. Isn't it great to love the work you do?

  6. Clever set-up with the space heater but oh man, I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way! I'm sure I'm going to hear the crack-crack of glass when I manage to get my torch hooked back up and get back to things this winter out in the studio.

    LOVE your work!

  7. Gosh, your pieces are just so beautiful. I'm sure I hear that water pendant saying it wants to come and live at my house ;-)


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