Sunday, September 30, 2012

Salt Fork River Art Festival Day 1

The first day of the show was absolutely gorgeous!  Except for a few small gusts of wind it was perfect.

We had sun shining on the tent first thing in the morning - light was everywhere and it was wonderful.  We don't get anymore sunshine until around 4:00pm when the sun moves around the trees that surround us.

Mom and I love the sunlight shining on the bowls because you can really see all the different colors we use when enameling.  We did have three accidents that I have to fix today.  We had a gust of wind come through and knock over the Guardian, the Harlequin Mask and the Tree of Life plates.  Thank goodness I can just thrown them in the kiln and it is all fixed.

Here is the necklace side of the table.  Mom's enameled copper circle and Viking Knit Bib necklace sold yesterday.  It will be a Christmas gift for a niece.  We also have a special order to make earrings to match the necklace - so that made our day.  We also had a lot of people look at the Peacock necklace and love it.

Mom and I didn't bring the screen for this show, so we thought we would put the pendants and earrings on one of the boards we made several years ago.  I think it looks great but it makes you realize how low you are on the inventory.  Mom and I have one more show next weekend and then we need to get into production mode before our last show the 9-11th of November.

People shopping and listening to music.

There were bands playing throughout the day and this was one of them.  The music was awesome as usual!

There was a huge field behind our area filled with more artists.

I will try and get better photographs of all the artists set up - there was just so much to take in yesterday.

People shopping in our booth.  Mom and I walk around a lot during the day, so I was taking photographs and she was taking photographs.

Pictures of the grape vines and the trees changing colors.  I really need to learn how to take out the electrical lines :)

Both mom and I were having fun taking pictures of the grapes that were still on the vine.  I think these grapes were a test variety and should be picked soon.

More grapes - but I love how the sun is coming through one of the grapes and making it look translucent.

You can see the bugs were eating the leaves.  But I love the colors and how the sun comes through the leaf.

Can you see a theme here ;)  More grape leaves.

Up near the front entrance to the winery were these gorgeous flowers.  Mom took these images.  I just love the white and purple of the flower.

Behind our booth is a hummingbird feeder and the hummingbirds were out flying around in the evening.  I was having a hard time taking a good photo of these little buggers.  We even had one fly into our tent but I wasn't fast enough to get the camera out to take a photograph.

This one was nice enough to sit still long enough for me to take a picture.  I am hoping they come flying around before we leave today because I would like a chance to get better pictures.

So, that was saga for the first day of our show.  Today is suppose to be even nicer and I just can't wait to get over to the winery and walk around again.  Have I said it enough yet - this is our mostest awesomest show ever :)


  1. What a wonderful day! Love your booth and I especially like that orange leaf bowl. The color is gorgeous and so perfect for fall.

  2. What lovely macro shots!! Your both looks great, too! What a beautiful day for your show!

  3. oh the light on the grapes is just di-vine:-)

  4. It sounds like you had a successful and lovely day! LOVE the grape shots!

  5. Sounds like y'all had a great day. I love the grapes and the hummingbird shots.

  6. What a lovely spot for your show! Your setup looks wonderful! Love the shots you took of the hummingbirds---they absolutley fascinate me!

  7. Love all your macro of the grapes and leaves!

  8. Love the shots of the grapes and the leaves. Your table looks great. The leaf bowl is gorgeous. Looks like the weather was perfect too.


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