Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jewelry Sunday

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil
I wanted to take a better photograph of the plate I enameled yesterday.  Both mom and I are seriously happy with the way it turned out.  Yes, I am about to wrench my shoulder out of the socket patting myself on the back.  But do you realize how much I was freaking myself out on enameling this piece; because, seriously, there are a lot of small holes that mom sawed out.  I did fill up a couple of holes but overall you can't tell I did.  I didn't swear at mom, under my breath, as much as I thought I would :)

Next Sunday is the first show of four shows on back to back weekends (we are not unloading the car for a month).  Mom and I are finishing up a last few pieces of jewelry this week and then Saturday is nothing but laying everything out, making sure we have everything, and then pack up the car.

Here is what we assembled today:

Copper circle that was liver of sulfered and lampwork
glass beads

One Side of Bead

Second side of bead
This is the bead I was experimenting with a few weeks ago.  I wanted a full moon on the water and the full moon further up the night sky.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.

This is the necklace mom has been wire wrapping for awhile.  Mom sawed out these leaves last year and I said I am not enameling we are going to put them in liver of sulfur.  She used, I think Jasper, as accent beads and some of our lampwork beads.  It is long enough you can slip it over your head.  I will see if I can take better pics later - I just wanted to take pictures so I could share them.

Mom had a few extra leaves so decided to make another necklace.  This time we used chain with the copper leaves, our lampwork glass beads and I think Jasper.

Still had extra lampwork glass beads so made a bracelet with chain (gunmetal and green chain).

The last piece of jewelry mom made was a set of earrings.  I told mom when she was done making these she was to go inside and crash on the couch.  Mom is feeling better but she still has the neck issue and when she is over at her table groaning in pain I know it is time for her to quit.  Mom doesn't even realize she is doing it :)

We still have a couple of cuff bracelets to assemble.  I just made beads today for two necklaces and another cuff bracelet, we are going to try and get those made up before Sunday's show.  Overall I think we had a pretty good weekend.  Now all we have to do is inventory the pieces and pack them up, but that is for next Saturday. I am off to crash on the comfy couch!


  1. The Skull piece turned out to be Fabulous!
    Great jewelry pieces too !
    You should rock those shows!
    Are the cuff bracelet pieces going to be offered on ETSY???? I really ,really like them!
    m.e. :)

  2. WOW that plate!!!! I love the leaves too! You and Mom are the best team.

  3. I love the detail and the color pit into these necklaces.


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