Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting Ready For Sunday's Show and Finished Pieces

Today was prep day for tomorrow's show, Art on the Wabash, in West Lafayette, Indiana.  This is our third year participating in the show.  Mom and I always look forward to attending.  As you can see, mom is prepping our screen to hold earrings and pendants.

As you can see we were still working on assembling pieces for the show.  I think I was able to assemble two more bracelets and a necklace and mom assembled the "Bamboo" cuff bracelet.

Here is where I had inventory set out that still needed to be added to the list, make tags for and then give mom so she can put the tags on the pieces.

Mom needed to take a break because her neck is killing her.  She assembled the cuff bracelet and I did take pictures and I am sharing (I LOVE IT - of course I am a little biased).

Here are pictures of the finished pieces for tomorrow's show.

Mom and I are calling this "Butterfly Kisses".  Mom just thought the beads reminded her of butterfly wings.  All I used was Freshwater Pearls to accent the necklace with a pewter toggle clasp.

A close up view of the beads.

I am using one of my "Tree" beads in this bracelet.

All I used were seed beads and a gunmetal lobster claw clasp.

I was playing with glass last weekend and I really love how these beads turned out.  I used Kyanite accent beads and Sterling Silver "Bells" and a pewter clasp.

And now, the cuff bracelet.

Mom sawed out the bamboo cuff bracelet from 20 gauge copper, I enameled the cuff, and then used some of our lampwork glass beads and rainbow quartz.   I am in love with this cuff bracelet - mom did an excellent job putting it together.  I just love all the colors - so fun!

I need to finish typing up the inventory list and print it off to take for tomorrow.  Mom, who is flipping crazy, is out mowing.  I am saying she is crazy because her neck has been killing her again.  The pain doctor won't give her anymore shots until her neck doctor gives permission.  The neck doctor she started to see said he doesn't want to see mom again until she gets the surgery, which mom does not want.  Mom does not want to go back to her old neck doctor just so she can get him to perscribe the pain shots and her PCP won't give the a perscription for the pain shots.  It is like she is on a merry-go-round with no end in site.  I told mom she should at least ask for some pain meds, now that we know the ones we thought she was allergic to she isn't.

Since I know how much pain mom is in I won't beat her :)  Though I told her she couldn't help me pack the car for the show, unload the car for the show, or lift anything heavy while we are at the show!!!!   Let's see how long that will last.

I will try and post an after action report of the show on Monday.


  1. Everythingnis so beautiful! I hope your mom is feeling better soon! chronic pain is the worst! Best of luck at your show!

  2. I love seeing the way you two work! I am sure you will have a good show because you are so well prepared and you have each other. I wish there was another set of hands in my studio right about now! Enjoy the day. Erin


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