Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Flower and the Bee

It is another I Heart Macro Sunday.  I went ahead and prepped this blog last night because mom and I have a show today - Art on the Wabash in West Lafayette, IN.  The line up of cars starts at 7:15am and the let us drive to our site at 7:30.  We have about two and half hours to set up before the public starts to walk around at 10am.  The show ends at 4pm and it takes mom and I about an hour to tear everything down and pack up the car.  So, we should be home by 5:30pm tomorrow night.

I thought I would share some images I took back in August of a bee and a flower.  Enjoy!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Hope the show was the flower and bee...our bees are not as big or as
    'hairy'...he looks like he has a mane! Love the flower color.

  2. i just want to pet that fuzzy bee.

  3. Hope things went well at the show☺
    Beautiful shots, the first one looks like the flower is glowing.

  4. Gorgeous shots! I hope you had a great show.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Hope you had a very successful show.


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