Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recap of Weekend Show - Art on the Wabash

I thought I would start off with a great picture of mom in our booth.  We had a gorgeous day for our show this year - no rain, wind or mud.  Mom even got a little sun burned - a perfect day.  Back where mom is standing is where we take payments and wrap up customer purchases.  We usually sit back there and work on Viking Knit because that seems to interest the customers a lot.  This year I think I stood almost the whole show talking with people.

Each year our booth evolves and I love taking pictures to see what each show was like and what we did differently.

In front of the booth we have this screen that we put all of our pendants and earrings on.  This year we add the wire across the top for the earrings (much easier to display now).  I am trying to convince mom to paint the black metal white to go with the rest of the booth.  I am also trying to think of a different material for the inside portion of the screen.  I would like it to match our colors in the booth but still have material durable enough to hang all the pendants on.  That might be a Pinterest search :)

This is the side we place all the bowls, plates and wall hangings on with some of the necklaces between bowls.

Here is the necklace side of the booth.  Like I said mom and I try and change it up each show to try something different.  I also have found some ideas on Pinterest I want to try for next year but I first have to show mom and see what she thinks.

I had to show the bamboo cuff because it sold.  Next to the bamboo cuff is the house cuff.

Also, "Hear, Speak, See No Evil" sold about an hour into the show.  The customers who bought the plate said it was going to be a wedding gift.  The couple is having a costume wedding and they also collect skeletons so both mom and I thought that was awesome!!!

Now I had to show you what my car looks like right now - mom and I are leaving it packed for the next month because we have shows every weekend.

This is the driver seat with the shelves and the screen next to me with everything else packed to the gills.  It is a good thing mom knows how to pack.

 Better image of the front seat of the car.  Yes, mom does have room to sit in the passenger side, but not much.  It is a good thing she is short :)

So, that was the Art on the Wabash show.  This Saturday is the Carroll County Arts Festival in Delphi, Indiana.  This year they moved the show from May to September.  The first two years of the show the weather wasn't being cooperative (hurricane force winds for one).  So, we are looking forward to seeing how the show goes this year.  I will have another re-cap next week.


  1. I love the set up of your booth...I hope the show was both fun and profitable.

  2. You girls are so organized.what about painting the screen to match the blue cloth? Your display looks wonderful..hope you sold lots.

  3. your booth looks Great !
    No wonder that bamboo cuff sold .
    I am crazy about your new cuff bracelet pieces !
    How cool your awesome skulls found a good home.
    That's why I love to buy handmade ,your buyer found the perfect OOAK gift.
    Smooth Selling at the rest of your shows , m.e. :)


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