Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hurricane Delphi - Again

Yesterday was our show Celebrate the Arts in Delphi, Indiana.  This is the third year for the show and this year they moved the show from May to September because the last two years the show in May the weather has been awful.  The first year of the show there were hurricane type winds, you can read about it here and last year it started out raining but the sun did come out, and you can read about it here.

The first year of the show we had a brand new tent, busted.  This year we had brand new sides that we got right before this show, ripped.  Mom is out in the garage sewing the the rips now - thank goodness she knows how to sew.

This is from the back of the tent.  We were told to have the opening towards the street and the other vendors would have their openings toward us.  You can see how well that happened.

Bowl, plates, pendants and earring side of tent.

Setup didn't go so well that morning.  This year they had us on the courthouse lawn instead of in the street.  When we were in the street we could unload right at our spot and start setting up.  Well, they told us we couldn't park on the street, closest to where we were setting up.  No, I had to park way on the other side of the courthouse and lug all of our stuff to our spot - can't let mom carry heavy stuff.  So, I carried the tent, screen, tables, and four 50 pound weights to our spot.  As we were lugging our stuff to our spot we saw cars parking on the street they told us we couldn't unload at, and vendors getting out an unloading.  Needless to say mom and I were SOOOOOO not happy!!!!

Necklace side of the tent.
I did tell mom at least I worked off what I ate for breakfast.  Let me tell you those weights weigh a ton - not just 50 pounds - a ton!!!!!!

This is what the sky looked like after we set up.  We were going from sunny skies to nasty looking skies.

Here is the sunny weather.  It would have been a gorgeous day if the wind had not started to pick up.

Mom said she has always aspired to be a dead weight for a tent pole :)
This is mom holding down the side of the tent.  Even with the weights on each of the tent legs it was still a little scary.  We also had the tent sides flying inside the tent.  I am standing in back of the necklace table trying to keep the sides from hitting the stands.  There were a couple of times where the wind was so strong it was pushing me over - also there was a tree across the street from our set up that was bent over in half from the wind.  Not fun at all when everything is glass.

Around 1:30 we decided to call it quits.  When you start hearing other people's tables being knocked off and breaking glass you know it is time to say - We are Done.

The day wasn't a total lost at least.  This is what I had waiting for me to read last night - Lori Anderson's book Bead Soup.  Oh my gosh was it an awesome read and so much eye candy!!!  It so made up for the windy day.

Mom is now going through the inventory to see what, if anything, needs to be fixed.  We know of one necklace that needs a pendant put in the kiln but we need to see if anything else needs to be repaired before next weekends two day show.  Lots to do, so I will be off.  Have a great Sunday and awesome week!

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  1. Sorry the weather just does not want to be nice at this arts fair Beth. People always do what they want no matter what they have been told. I would not have been a happy camper either if I followed the rules where others did not.
    I hope this arts fair was not a total loss for you and your Mom.


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