Monday, October 1, 2012

Salt Fork River Art Festival Day 2

Our booth looks out onto the pond
The second day of the art festival couldn't have been any better (except for the wind).  Mom and I left the sides up and did not put anything on stands because we were afraid of stuff breaking (I really didn't want to fix anymore pieces this week).

Mom was being goofy yesterday and was making funny faces as I was taking pictures of the booth.

As you can see everything is laying down flat so, we crossed our fingers all day that nothing would be blown off.  I still can't figure out if I liked everything laying flat or not, it seemed to draw more people in and made them look more.

I thought I would share a picture of the parking lot - packed to the gills.  The road goes to the entrance and it that was filled with cars - the horse pasture was filled with cars parked and back behind the winery had a place for the cars to park.  I am sure that made Joe and Dawn very happy.

I thought I would share some images of the artist areas:

These are just some images of all the artists.

You know how I said that there was entertainment throughout both days - well yesterday there were belly dancers.  It was kinda of cool watching them dance and it was something different.

Though the best part of the day was this:

This wine is freaking fantastic!!!  This is the blurb they have on their website: SOLA high alcohol sweet sipping white wine made from late harvest Vignoles. Don't drink too much or you will be SOL. Limited quantities! Available in tasting room only.
My second glass of SOL
The wine is now out of stock and I am so glad I was able to have two glasses of the wine and I have one bottle.  I am going to savor every last drop of this wine because it will probably be another two years before they have it in stock again.  Joe was saying that they leave the grapes on the vines until they are raisin like and then pick the grapes.  Because they leave the grapes on longer it is hard on the vines so they can't do this every year.  When they get SOL in stock again I seriously recommend having a glass (or bottle) of this stuff - freaking fantastic!!!!!!

So, that was our weekend.  I have unpacked the car for the week - it will be packed up again on Friday for our last show until November.  We have the tables set up to make up some more inventory for Saturday and Sunday because we really are low.

I hope you enjoyed our weekend tour of the Salt Fork River Art Festival at Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  If you are ever in the Faimount, IL area I recommend stopping in and having some wine!


  1. Seems you had a great weekend and I hope you had some sales, too.

  2. A festival just for beads and wines. I like this one. Great minds do like this.
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