Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Happenings

Today mom and I are working out in the garage/studio.  I finished making up some more "Butterfly Kisses" beads to make a necklace and I was playing with some green glass and frit and I love what those beads look like.  I can't wait to get the beads out of the kiln tomorrow.

This is what mom has been working on all day, so far.  I actually sawed out the perimeter (took about an hour) and mom has been working on the interior since about 7am this morning and it is almost 2:30 now.

This was taken about two hours ago.

This is mom about 15 minutes ago.

I think she is bound and determined to finish this piece today.

After I finished making beads I found some pendants that had to be sawed out, so I started to saw out the perimeters.  If the pendant is easy I will actually saw out the interior, if it is easy.

What I finished today.  I think I am done, my hands are tingling and it is starting to get harder to hold the saw.  But let me tell you, sitting in a proper chair and at the proper height makes a world of difference when you are sawing - it is more enjoyable now.  I was using my lampworking chair to saw, which is little to high.  Last week mom bought me a folding chair and it is perfect!!!!

What came in the mail yesterday.

Falling Leaf Cuff Connector - Humblebeads

Night Dandelion Cuff Connector - Humblebeads
Mom and I love using Humblebeads cuff connectors with our Viking Knit.  I think we have one Viking Knit made up for the leaf connector, but we need to figure out what we want to use for the Dandelion connector.  Love them!!!

Last Sunday I had an enameling session but I ran out of steam when it came to taking pictures.  Here is what I got done.

Red enameled Puzzle piece

"Hearts on Fire" heart pendant

White and Pink heart pendant

"Peacock" colors heart pendant

September "Aster" birth month flower

Scottish Thistle pendant

I think I am done for the day. Have a wonderful Saturday and holiday weekend!


  1. That skeleton piece looks amazing.. and SO large! What will it a wall decoration? I am always inspired by the patience and creativity of you two are a formidable team! Love the colours on the hearts and the puzzle piece is so cute! "Falling Leaf" is gorgeous.

  2. I always enjoy these glimpses into your workspace and techniques. Fabulous pieces! Your puzzle piece has my imagination soaring...

  3. I am always in awe of your enamel work.
    But, that skull piece is just beyond amazing!!!!!
    It would be perfect for September 19 "National Talk like a Pirate Day" !
    m.e. :D


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