Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishfully Wanting Wednesday

It is another Wishfully Wanting Wednesday.  I wanted to get this post done before I take mom over to get her last pain shot of the year.  A few weeks ago the pain started up again in her neck and shoulder blade but now it was also going to the other shoulder blade, so pain in another area.  She finally got into see the pain doctor last Friday and he was able to schedule her in today (thank goodness!).  Mom in pain is not a happy person and then I freak out because I can't make it better. 

So, some pretties to make the day a happy one.  Enjoy!!!

Clock and Dagger - by La Bella Joya

Frivolous Flowers Tutorial - by Beadology My Life & Times

Copper Elements by For My Sweet Daughter
Shabby Chic - by Schnitzkastchen (sorry don't know how to add the umlaut to the 'a')
Santa Earrings - A Work in Progress
Fire Tractor 8 - by Wolf Heart Photography

Capsule Necklace - By Reinvented Objects
Joss Stone Dress - by Momosoho

Antique Tree Landscape - by galeriedeilluminata  
Evergreen Wood Ring - by janeeroberti  

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