Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Post - Etsy Listings

I wanted to let you all know that I posted a set of three beads and two Viking Knit chains on Etsy today.  These are the only holiday pieces we have made up, except a few sets of beads I need to get out of the kiln and clean tonight.  Mom and I really need to start making holiday pendants earlier in the years so we can list them at Christmas time, oh well.  That will be one of our goals for next year!!!

Here is what was listed:

Ice Verde Lampwork Beads (clear and transparent green glass with clear frit)
Snow Berries Lampwork Beads (Sangria & white glass with clear frit)
Winters Kiss Lampwork Beads (white with clear frit)
Red Viking Knit Chain - double weave chain
Green/Teal Viking Knit Chain - double weave chain

I am not sure what will be going on tomorrow.  Mom is going into the pain management doctor and he is going to shoot her up with drugs, I think in both shoulders.  The pain started again a few weeks ago and I have been after mom to get in to see the doctor before the end of the year.  I so did not want her in the pain she was in earlier this year, so not fun for her!  Plus I need her to saw out some pendants for me to enamel :)

Have a great one!

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