Sunday, December 18, 2011

Playing with Picnik - I Heart Macro

Some sort of bush outside moms house
There was actually some snow on the ground when I finally made it over to mom's house this morning.  I thought I would take some pictures for I Heart Macro.  I was able to get some photos before the camera battery died on me.

Oriental Grass
Mom has a lot of oriental grass in her garden.  I love the fuzzy things, have no idea what they are called.  I like how the snow gets caught in the grass.

I thought it would be fun to play with the different effects in Picnik.  I am loving how the pictures have turned out.  I usually don't alter our pictures, but this was a lot of fun.

Last really good shot I took.  Most of the images I took were pretty fuzzy.  Then, after the battery was charged, of course, no more snow.  Oh well.

Those are my images for I Heart Macro Sunday.  If you would like to join the fun or check out what everyone else is taking macro shots of, head on over to Studio Waterstone.


  1. These are so lovely! glad that you got them before your battery died. Blessings to you at Christmas time!

  2. wonderful the snow resting on the grass...and the last picture, love how that turned out....have a wonderful week....

  3. Love your macro shots and the way you played with them using picnic.
    Merry Christmas,

  4. I love playing around in picnik! You had some really good shots to work with! :)

  5. These are gorgeous Beth...I love the berries on the bush and I love playing with Picnik, although I can never remember how to spell it.

  6. These are so pretty! The tones and textures are wonderful, and I really like the effects you added.

  7. Wow, Beth- Gorgeous photos. I love the touch of snow on all those different textures. Your prize will go in the mail tomorrow and hopefully you will get it in time for Christmas, I didn't make it to the Post Office this week- sorry for the delay. Merry Christmas to you and Mom!! I wish you a very happy new year also. Heather

  8. Nice bits of snow in the grasses and on the berries! I've that look--not buried in snow, just "dusted!"

  9. Beautiful shots, Beth! Isn't Picnik addictive???
    Have a wonderful Christmas, lady.


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