Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Mom and I are ready to announce the winner of our After Black Friday Madness Giveaway.  This time we thought we would get Zola to help us draw the name. 

Here is the process of how the name is drawn.
The names are first typed up and then I get ready to cut them out.
The names cut out.  Oh, just so you all know while I was cutting out the names Zola was using me as a scratching tree and was climbing up my back the whole time.  I put her down, start cutting out a name, and up my back she goes again.  OUCH!
Names folded up and in one of the ceramic bowls I made that mom swiped :)

Zola sticking her head in the bowl - wondering if it is edible.

Still sniffing the paper.

Hmm...must be good.

Maybe I will dig at this unknown thing for a minute.

Maybe I will try grabbing a piece.

Oh, something new to play with.

Okay, you need to share the name Zola.

Now Lily needs to get in on the action.  Hey, that is usually my job to pick the names Zola.

Zola looking at the winner - thinking I did a great job.

And finally, the winner is:

Thank you everyone for leaving a comment and participating in our giveaway.  Lori we will be contacting you to get your shipping information.


  1. Too funny, I love that the kitties had so much fun choosing the winner. And Lori will make wonderful works of art with those beautiful beads!

  2. Such a fun way to choose your winner...congrats to Lori.

  3. So cute. Nice that you could get 'everyone' involved. :) Congrats Lori.

  4. I tried to get one of my cats to select a winner one time but they weren't interested, lol. Your kitties did a good job!

  5. Oh, everyone needs a name picker like that!! Congrats Lori!

  6. Congrats to lucky winner:) And Zola is so wonderful!
    Thanks for nice game, greetings from Poland.

  7. That is the cutest winner "picker" I've ever seen! And a lucky winner, too! :)


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