Monday, December 26, 2011

Vegging Kinda Day

Fire Hydrant - Ann Arbor 2011
It is the day after Christmas; mom and I aren't doing much.  Mom just went through a lot of her paperwork and now it needs to be shredded.

Fire Hydrant Chain - Ann Arbor 2011
Me, I have just been playing on Pinterest and then playing with images in Picnik.

Fire Hydrant - Ann Arbor 2011

There is so much mom and I need to get done but we just don't seem to be motivated to do it.  The last few weeks for both of us has been a roller coaster ride of one thing after the other.  We both seem pretty depressed and it doesn't help that we both sort of feed off of each other.

Chain on Fire Hydrant - Ann Arbor 2011
Mom is off this week and I go back to work on Tuesday and Thursday (Wednesday mom is having the last shot she can have for the year).  It doesn't seem like the shot she had two weeks ago helped out at all, so she is allowed one more shot.  I really hope this helps mom because I hate to see her in so much pain.

Top of Fire Hydrant - Ann Arbor 2011
Mom and I need to get out of this funk!  I know I would feel better if I started to work out again, stopped about two months ago (don't ask me why).  I was feeling so good when I was working out and then I just stopped.  I need to get back on the band wagon and I need to get back into the studio.  I think that will help my mood a lot.  I also need to get mom back on the exercise band wagon too, of course that means getting her Wii fixed (Lily ate the cords on the Wii).

Chain on Fire Hydrant - Ann Arbor 2011
Sorry to be in such a funk, must be the holidays.  Mom and I will try to do better!  There is so much we need to get done, especially for 2012.  I do have a list of things I want us to do plus I want to go over what we did accomplish in 2011, but that will be in the New Year post.  I hope you all did have a wonderful holiday, and just ignore us while we try to get our act together.  Take care all!!!!

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