Sunday, August 28, 2011

Production, Production, Production

Saturday Events:

Purchase of glass, to make beads - $67
Time spent making beads - several hours
Look on mom's face when I said I was going to tell the blog world she disliked my beads - PRICELESS!!!

I seriously wish I had my camera in hand when I told her that.  The look on her face was worth a truckload of words :)

Yesterday I worked on making beads for a project.  There are only four beads out of about 30 beads that I kept.  And yes, it was a consensus between mom and I that we didn't like the beads that I made yesterday.  Those beads went into the seconds!!!!

Sunday events:
Enamel, enamel, enamel; saw, saw, saw; make beads, make beads and make beads.

Right now mom and I are in major production mode.  We have a one day show on September 18th, a two-day show on September 24th and 25th, a two-day show on October 8th and 9th and a three-day show in November.  I think we are in panic mood because we usually sell really well at the first two shows and the October show is a new show for us, so we aren't sure how we will do there.  So, production, production, production!!!

Enough with the words, let me share some photos!

Enamel Set Up

Pieces waiting to be enameled

Mom making new bowls

Mom's foot while cleaning beads
 Here are the pendants I got enameled.  I am still working on taking photographs and I do plan on posting the pendants on Etsy tomorrow (at least that is the plan).

Day of the Dead Skull


Guardian of the Wood

Blue Lotus

Orange on the inside and Yellow on the outside moon



Yellow on the inside and orange on the outside moon
 Mom and I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments you have sent us.  They really helped and made mom laugh several times.  Mom is doing really well and it is hard to keep her sitting down when she is suppose to.  She is worse than a two year old sometimes!!!  Mom should be going back to work on Tuesday.  As you saw, she was working away in the studio today, though right now she is crashed on the couch. 

I think I gave her the stomach bug that I have had all week.  The one good thing about this stomach bug is that I have lost three pounds, though not the way I want to do it.  I am still not eating a lot, and I thought I was starting to feel better yesterday, but it hit mom and I about the same time and we weren't too happy about it.  But, we persevered and worked and got a lot accomplished; at least I think we did.

I am about done here.  I am heading home to work out and then crash on the couch.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


  1. You two sure are busy! I am sure your beads are fine - we are always our own worst critics.
    Hope you both feel better soon.

  2. Hahaha! How could she dislike your beads!! I hope both of you feel better. I love the blue lotus component, it's my favorite! Good luck with your shows!

  3. I love, love, love the parasol and the sugar skull! Sorry to read about your mother. My mom has trouble with her feet too. I've nursed her during a couple of surgeries. For her it was from wearing high heels with a generation of women that didn't know any better!

  4. The finch is both make some gorgeous work...and SO organized. Hope the shows go well for you and that you are both feeling much better very soon.

  5. I have to say that your work area is driving me insanely jealous ;) So organized and *big*! Love it! And that lotus you enameled? That piece is just incredible!


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