Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bead Soup Goodies

Okay, I promised a second post today with the goodies we received from Erin and the goodies we will be sending to Erin.  Above arrived in the mail yesterday and mom made me go get the camera before I eagerly ripped open the package

I loved the wrapped box Erin sent the goodies in and the ribbon is awesome!!!!

A wonderful note from Erin.

Packaged goodies ready for us to rip open and get started at creating!

The goodies we received unwrapped.

Us laying the pieces out for our creations.  Oh, just so you know they have already gone through several changes.  That is why mom and I love putting the components on a backing tin, we can move things around several times before we finally find a layout we like.

These are the Bead Soup Party ingridients we are sending to Erin.  You will have to wait for Erin to share when she receives them.  Mom and I are exhausted.  I have been enameling since 10am and before that we were filing and sanding and finishing up a couple of pieces.

Here are some other pendants we enameled.

The pendant for our August Art Bead Scene Challenge piece.

An owl pendant.

Ballerina slippers pendant.

A humming bird pendant.

Mom was working on making two tree pendants out of wire.  A friend of mine asked us if we could make her a tree pendant and mom went out and found a YouTube video, watched it, and made two pendants.  We will send her the pendants to see if she likes them or wants us to tweek them before we make the "real" one.

I think I am heading home and crashing on the couch.  My feet and back are killing me, so I think I deserve to sit and veg out on the couch.


  1. This all sounds like hard work! I like the layouts on the baking tins. Thank you for sharing a nice set of pendant shots!

  2. OMG! Your package from Erin is a work of Art! Isn't her handwriting the bomb! I just signed you book for mailing and I hate my handwriting! LOL Anyway, you know that my note is from the heart! Your mom's piercing work is get more and more delicate. Amazing!

  3. What a great bead soup package! Such attention to detail and such beautiful pieces to work with. You and you Mom amaze me more all the time with the intricate cutwork and detailed enameling, that hummingbird with the layered colors is gorgeous!

  4. What a stunning soup! I know you and your mom will do it total justice. Your work is so amazing, I can't wait to see the finished pieces!!

  5. Wow..what a gorgeous selection of beads you two get to play with!

    From the pendants you posted there that you made, I'm loving the owl :D They're all beautiful, but the owl grabs me...and I'm not an owl person lol

  6. I can't wait to see what you make with that!

  7. very nice, can't wait to see what you come up with. Love your pendants, especially the hummer.

  8. Your Soup is gorgeous, I am sure you will create something special and unique, wishing you a lot of fun.

    And your pendants are so beautiful - I especially love the owl one.

    Have a great day, xxox Manuela


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