Sunday, August 21, 2011

Model A to a T - Macro Sunday

Mom and I thought we would do something a little different for this week's Macro Sunday.  Instead of flowers we thought we would share some photos I took of old time cars at one of our shows from last year.  I also played with some of the settings in Picnik to give the cars a different look.


Model A

Model A - Pencil Sketch
Model A - HDRish

Not Sure Type of Car - Horn and Headlight
Horn and Headlight - Pencil Sketch

Horn and Headlight - HDRish
I hope you enjoyed something different from us.  I am now off to do some sawing and torching.  I think mom is pulling weeds and then she will be working on our ABS challenge piece for this month.  I would like her to finish it up so I can take pictures of it and get it posted.

If you would like to see what other people are taking pictures of, head on over to Studio Waterstone and check out the wonderful photographs!


  1. beautiful shots, love what you did with them....the pencil drawings are very interesting.....

  2. Veryy cool I keep meaning to try the pencil one and never seen to have the right sort of picture - the HD is pretty cool too!

  3. I love the pencil stretch, the detail is amazing! Your editing this week is wonderful! Great job!!

  4. Wow - these are really cool. Love them all!

  5. Your pictures are great!!! I always love old car and tractor photos. You have some very cool editing too.

  6. Cool pictures! I like the different effects that you used. Old car pictures are great! We have a car show twice a year and I'll have to remember to take my camera.

    Have a great week!

  7. Oh, love the pictures! Old cars are def ultra macro-worthy, aren't they?

  8. How cool are these shots?? Very nice and different too. Nice job!


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