Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Heart Wine

Wopatuli (Sangria) from Sleepy Creek
Yesterday mom and I went to our most favorite place (besides the studio) in the world, our friends winery Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  Mom and I love to go over to the winery, sit inside, sip slushie or Wopatuli and just work on Viking Knit or regular knitting.

Mom working on Viking Knit

Me sipping on a slushie

Slushie and Viking Knit

Jo and Dawn are both working hard and doing a wonderful job.  They just add onto to the inside of the winery, more seating area and another bar area.

New seating area

New bar area

Window to see what is being done

One of the new wines that came out this summer

So, if you didn't guess, our macro shots are of our drinks from Sleepy Creek.  So, onto the fun.

Ice, Orange and all goodness!!!!

All gone


Oranges, glass and Ice

Water droplets on the glass

Only the ice is left
Now, that was our fun day yesterday and it is now going to work in the studio today and tomorrow.  I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

If you would like to see what other's are taking pictures of for I Heart Macro Sunday, head on over to Waterstone Studio and check it out!


  1. I love how you go out for a drink and take your projects with that is dedication! Looks like a great place to go and while away some hours.
    Sounds like you are enjoying your long weekend.

  2. cool pictures, love the 'finished' ones.....
    looks like you had a wonderful day

  3. The Two Bucking Sweet Strawberry table wine is one that I would like to try. Looks like you and Mom had a great time sipping wine and working on projects.

  4. Well aren't I just seething with jealousy.....we don't have anything like that here.....sigh....I could sure use a slushie.

  5. That wine does look good! I've never had wine with orange and ice. I bet it's great in the summer and I'll have to give it a try.

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend too!

  6. Great shots :) I would just like to drink something with you :)

  7. Doesnt get any better than this, wine and crafting of any kind sound like a perfect day!

  8. That wine looks amazing! Sounds like a perfect place to get some work done! Great shots!

  9. Now THIS looks like fun! Great pics - you're both just beautiful.

  10. What a fun way to spend some time! Great photos...that slushie looks divine!

  11. I've never heard of a wine slushie before--sound decadent!!!

  12. Oh how I wish I could join you two for that fun time. Your macro shots are great - I love the last one with the pink in the ice- Can you make beads like that? Beautiful inspiration. Hope your weekend has been wonderful!!
    PS I posted pictures of the Kokopeli necklace again because I finally got my daughter to pose for me. We had a really fun photo shoot. It looks so much better on a person!!

  13. love the slushies! they look good! and with fruit! can't be all bad then, right?

  14. I love wine too but not sure I could do viking knit while drinking it! That 2 bucking sweet made me laugh! very clever


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