Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday and Sasha Update

First mom and I want to thank everyone for your kind words and thoughts from the post about Max.  Those emails helped us out a lot.  Yesterday was Sasha's blood work and x-rays.  Sasha does have kidney disease, which means he only has 25% function in both of his kidney's.  The doctor said if we keep him on a special diet and down the line he might be on medication, he could live another three years.  Today we were suppose to find out about his thyroid but no phone call yet.  Mom and I still can't get over that he is sick because he sure doesn't act like it and that is all that matters!!!!

Mom's work area - sawing out pieces for Erin
 Today is the first BTW (Bead Table Wednesday) that we have done since 22 June.  I thought we would share what is going on right now.  In mom's corner she is sawing out the interior of the pieces (I Hate Doing That).  I blurred out most of the image because there are pieces for Erin all over the place here.  Oh, that white bottle you see in the middle of the image is called Bio Freeze.  Mom swears by that stuff, so if you have any aches or pains she said USE IT!!!!

My work area - all the pieces to be sawed out
 As you know I hate sawing out the interior's so these are all the pieces I need to saw out before mom can start working her magic.  There are several pieces for Erin in there but they are hidden :)

This is what I really need to be working on - making beads.  I need to make beads for the ABS Challenge and I need to make up the beads I want to send to Erin.  I think that will be a project for tomorrow and Friday night.

Went to mom's mailbox and this is what was waiting for us, a package from Singing Cat Studio.  We used one of her pendants in our July ABS Challenge piece and we had a coupon code for 15% her store in August so we bought two more pendants.

Mom and I highly recommend her store!!!  Now we just need to come up with something awesome to showcase her pendants again.

Right now mom is out sawing and I am about ready to head home.  I have a book calling me name "The Bishop" by Stephen James.  A friend of mine told me I would like the books and she wasn't wrong.  So, went to the library and borrowed them.  I even got mom hooked on the books, though she is buying them one at a time for her Nook.  I think she is reading "The Rook" right now.  I usually read Sci-Fi/Fantasy (David Weber, Jim Butcher, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey) or military novels by W.E.B. Griffin and my dirty little secret, romances.  So, this is a nice change of pace for me.  I can't wait until next book comes out "The Queen". 

Oh, right, back to Bead Table Wednesday.  If you would like to participate or see what other people are doing this fine, and gorgeous, Wednesday night head on over to the Flickr site and see.


  1. I hope your kitty does well on his diet! Kidneys seem to be the weak spot in cats, at least when they get older.

    Your studio area looks really nice.

  2. I missed BTW this time too. I am sending all the hugs and healing thoughts I can for Sasha!

  3. Sorry I missed this post! I am squinting real hard at those blurry shots trying to puzzle out what you might be sawing out for me! I am so excited to see it! Hugs to you and Evie!
    Enjoy the day!


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