Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BTW and What I am Reading Tonight

Hey all, it is another BTW - Bead Table Wednesday.  What you see above is my container filled with copper scraps, copper wire I am working on (which is almost done) and a new copper wire spool.  I asked mom to start me a new Viking Knit (something I refuse to learn to do - don't ask me why it is just something I have no desire to learn).

This is mom starting to make the five loops for me.

This is mom starting the first row of Viking Knit for me.  Once she has that started for me I take off and go to town.  I already finished the silver colored copper one that a customer asked for and like I said I am almost done with the other copper spool and about ready to start a new one.

I had to share these two tree pendants.  One of my friends is one of our best customers.  Instead of purchasing a pendant like this from someone she doesn't know my friend asked if we could make her a pendant like the above.  I found a YouTube video, asked mom to watch it, mom then made up these two pendants on Sunday while I was enameling.  I took the pendants over to my friend today to show her what we did and to find out what she wants for "Her" pendant.  My friend loved what mom did and all we need to do is make some tweaks and buy some silver colored color copper wire and we are in business.  I am so glad my friend loves what we make and is patient with us while we find the time and figure out how to make things.  These pendants will eventually end up in our Etsy shop for sale.

This picture doesn't do these beads justice.  It is a new frit I used that I totally forgot I bought.  It is called "Praline" and I LOVE IT!  These are the beads we will be using in this months ABS Challenge piece.

This is the layout for the ABS Challenge piece.  I still need to enamel the lilies and we will be able to put this necklace together this weekend.  I seriously can't wait to get this done because I LOVE the pendant.  I have to pat both mom and I on the back - her for her mad sawing skills and me for my enameling skills.  We make a great team - when we aren't about to kill each other.

I have to share some things that arrived in the mail today.  This is a Grassy Fields Willow Cuff Bracelet Bead from Humblebeads.  Mom and I have both already figured out how we are going to make this into a bracelet and we hope to have it made this weekend.

I was super excited to see this arrive.  Guess what I am reading tonight.  I am so happy for Barbara, the book is a work of art in of itself!  If you have never been to Barbara's blog or seen her phenomenal skills, you need to go there now - like right now!!!!  I am so looking forward to reading through this tonight! 

Barbara was also kind enough to write a note inside and it about made me cry.  She is going to give mom and I a big head and then we will never fit into any of our hats - oh wait, we don't wear hats - bring on the compliments!

So, that is our BTW for this week.  If you care to join or see what other artsits are doing, head on over to the BTW Flickr site and check them out.


  1. I love the tree of life pendants. Hope you post your Viking Knit once its done....

  2. I feel like I should faint!!! That ABS focal is stunning!!!! STUNNING! nevermind all the other goodies. I can't wait to see it finished.

  3. Your ABS piece is incredible! Beautiful! I too got my book today from Barbara and started right in on it! So excited!

  4. Wow! You and your Mom are doing some fantastic work. You're lucky to have this artistic ability to share with your Mom! My Mom was always kind of perplexed about the things I did and said the art gene skipped her.

    It's funny, I just got some beads in from Humblebeads, and I just ordered Barbara's book.


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