Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Sawing Imperative

Wood block we use to drill our pieces on

Yesterday and today is a huge sawing, filing and sanding session.  We are sawing out pieces for the ABS monthly challenge, our pieces for our Bead Soup blog partner, and new pendants and bowls.  This is what it looks like during our sawing session.

The drill bit we use to drill pilot holes.

Copper and wood shavings I swept up after drilling out all the holes on the pieces to be sawed.

Pieces waiting to be sawed out.

A broken saw blade, which I have many of.  Mom can make a saw blades last forever, though I don't saw my fingers as much as she does :)

Wax used on the saw blades.

The sawed out copper scraps after a piece has been sawed out. Recycle, recycle...

So, that is a close up of our sawing process.  I hope you enjoyed it as much we enjoy (I should say mom enjoys) sawing out our pieces.

Head on over to Studio Watersone to check out the other participants of I Heart Macro.


  1. Very interesting. A busy and productive couple of days.

  2. You go girls! I love what you produce and I can not wait to see your finished ABS piece.

  3. great post and great macro's !

  4. I love seeing macros of our work, nicely done!!

  5. Wow, love that shot of the wax, the design and texture it created is great! The wood block looks somewhat alien before i knew it was a wood block, great shots!

  6. Interesting how you are working. Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Very interesting, the wood block is a work of art! Thank you!!

  8. Everything looks so amazing close up! Cool block and nice pictures!

  9. Those are marvelous photos! I love the glimpse into the process with the photo journal. Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the day!

  10. These are great, great shots! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very enlightening, and great shots. It makes me want to see more of your work...the finished products.

  12. I didn't think a wood block could be so interesting, and I'm glad to hear that you break blades too! I go through them like you wouldn't believe. I'm to impatient and then snap!
    Thanks for the wonderful glance into your sawing process!

  13. I really like your pics for this week. Lots of texture! BTW your ABS piece is going to be awesome!

    Have a wonderful week!

  14. Love these pictures! I have a wooden block like the top one but no metal. I couldn't even imagine the cuts. ugh.


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