Monday, August 1, 2011

I About Cried

This past weekend was our Broadway Show located in the Monticello Library.  This our second year for the show and I think we did as well as we did last year.  Mom and I like this show because it is inside and the customers are great.

We get one table to set up your inventory on.  So, mom and I go up.  We bring pillars and shelves to put the inventory on.  While mom was setting this up I was doing the inventory with one of the volunteers.  I know they dread us coming because we have so much stuff, but how else are you going to sell, sell, sell.

This is our set up for Friday night.  From 5pm to 7:30pm is the patron show.  Their patrons have first dibs on the pieces for sale.  The Guardians of the Wood sold that night along with some of our other bowls.  I thought it was a great night overall because everyone seemed really interested in listening to us describe what we do.  We also saw some of our customers from last year that bought bowls for themselves and for gifts.

Okay, the reason I about cried.  Mom and I have only three large bowls, mainly because the bowls are a pain to saw out and to enamel.  One of the bowls we have had for sale for over two years and I told mom if that bowl didn't sell after this season it was mine. 

This is the "Cosmos" bowl.  Sorry about the crappy picture, because it doesn't do it justice.  I have tried taking a picture of the bowl in the sun, in the shade, in a light box, out of a light box, with a sun lamp, with no lamp and I could never get a good picture of the bowl. 

The pictures never showed the true depth of the color; the bowl really looked like the cosmos.  I have also tried to re-create the colors in this bowl in two other smaller bowls and two plates but I can't.  Don't know if it is because I used a different kiln, the weather was perfect and all the moons were in alignment or what, but it was PERFECT!!!!  Which a customer agreed with.  She bought the bowl on Saturday.  I think that was the hardest thing I ever did was letting that bowl go and I know I am a little attached to things but come on now, I LOVED THAT BOWL!  Mom kept asking me if I was alright and I said yes, but when I saw the customer leave the building with the bowl I almost chased her down asking for it back.  I just keep telling myself the bowl went to a wonderful home.  Yes, I know I am whacked!

This is the setup for Sunday morning.  We move things around each morning to showcase other pieces and to keep mom occupied for a few minutes in the morning.  Oh, the bowl on the far right, on the glass block, that large bowl also sold.  So, mom and I need to get sawing and enameling for our next show in September.  Oh, we have the computer running with a slide show of how we saw out the pieces, enamel, do lampwork and Viking Knit.  It gives the customers an idea of how we make our pieces.

So, that was our weekend.  I took today off to recover and mom actually went to work.  I think this morning I will work on making beads and unloading the car.

If you haven't already, head over to Pretty Things to sign up for the most awesomest Bead Soup Blog Party evah!!!!!  I tried to sign up for it this morning, at 4:00am, but it wouldn't let me on the IPhone.  So, I was good, I went back to sleep and then was over at mom's before 7:00am this morning signing up for it.  This will be our third one and I can't wait to see who we will be partnered with.  Lori does an amazing job of putting this on and I don't know how she does it.  Lori is the BOMB!!!

I received my Fall 2011 Stringing Magazine this morning.  I was looking through it and found a bracelet that Erin, Treasures Found: Inspiration is Everywhere, made with one of our beads.

The bracelet Erin created is number eight the top one on the left.  She incorporated one of our lampwork glass beads in the bracelet.  Had to show mom the magazine before she took off from work and both of us are thrilled!  Erin you do wonderful work as always!!!

Have a great week you all, mine started out awesome!


  1. So glad you had a great show this weekend. I completely understand the attachment to some pieces, I probably would have run after her! Ha!

  2. Sorry bout the bowl sweetie but it is good to see your sales went so well. I love Erin's pieces and you should be so proud of your beady goodness that inspired her! Hugs

  3. Sometimes the cosmos are lined up and you create something perfect....I have had this happen before too and let the piece go. Then I regret letting it go---we know we can make another one but how often as an artist do you think your work is perfect? I guess the challenge is to try again. Glad your show was a success!

  4. Yay for a successful show! I'm sorry your favorite bowl sold and walked off while you watched :(

  5. yay, blogger is finally letting me comment on your blog again!!! happy dance :)

  6. Yay for a successful show! Isn't it such a great feeling? And, yep, I've been in the same situation as you and the bowl - it's super bittersweet!

  7. Your set up looks great! The bowl looks amazing. I can see why you wanted to keep it for yourself. It can be really difficult to part with something you created and fell in love with! ~Val

  8. Glad you had a great show, and your booth looks fantastic! I know what you are feeling about the bowl - I have done it way too many times myself - lol.

  9. Yeah for aweseome sales! And that is a great set up. I have had that same experience with a piece of jewelry. But I know that someone will love it just as much as me and that makes me happy. I was going to email you today and let you know about the bead in the bracelet! So glad that you found it. It deserved to be the focus in a design.
    Enjoy the day!

  10. Glad your show went well...sorry about the bowl but I am sure it went to a good home. I am so intrigued by the "bead soup" party...tempting.


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