Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Jewelry Challenge - Need Your Votes

"Elements from the Beginning of Time"

I just went out to Stringing Magazine to see if the voting has started for the Stringing Challenge: Elements of Surprise, and it has.  I went to see if our piece was part of the Challenge, and it was.  Yipppeee :)  Mom and I are number 13 (I love the number 13, and not just because I was born on that date.  I especially love Friday the 13th!). 

As you see the name of the Challenge was Elements of Surprise and the idea of the four elements just came to me.  I told mom my idea, we went online to find some image ideas and then mom came up with different designs to saw out.  I picked out the designs I liked and mom went to town on sawing for me.  The surprise portion of this necklace is that it is two necklaces in one.  I made each necklace into a rope and a person can wrap the necklace around as many times as they want at different lengths, or they can wear each necklace separately.

The Fire and Water necklace has our lampwork glass beads - the blue beads are Fishscale beads to represent the water and the red/orange/yellow beads are to represent the flames of fire.  I used accent beads of Red Creek Jasper and Sodalite.  The Fire and Water pendants were sawed out by mom and then I kiln enameled them.

The Air and Earth necklace has our lampwork glass beads - this time I used a base bead of white, copper foil was heated to the bead to give it an antique blue look and then I added SIS (Silver Ivory Stringer) to the bead to give it the look of earth and air.  For accent beads I used freshwater pearls and Czech Cathedral beads.  The Air and Earth pendants were sawed out by mom and then I kiln enameled them.

I have some photos of the Earth and Air necklace out on our Flickr site and I will add images of the Water and Fire necklace to the Flickr site now.

Here is the website for voting:  Don't forget to vote for #13 if you are so inclined!

I am heading over there to vote now.  This is a great start to the next week for me (anything to make up for last week's migraine!).

Have a great Sunday everyone and Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh Beth you know I will be voting for these! I have been in love with them since you first posted them!


  2. Just got done voting! Great job! Oh, by the way, I got the bowl today and it is awesome!!!!!!!!


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