Friday, October 29, 2010

200th Post Giveaway Winner Is...

Today is the drawing for the winner of our Yellow/Blue copper enameled bowl.  Before we reveal the winner I thought I would show you how we went about choosing the name.

I first typed out all the names who entered the contest:

I then cut out all the names:

Folded up the names and placed them in a bowl:

Then I had one of my co-workers draw the name out:

Name of Winner:
Marcie - La Belle Joya

The winner of the 200th Post Giveaway is - Marcie of La Belle Joya.  Marcie please shoot me an email ( with your address information and mom and I will mail out the bowl to you as soon as possible!

Thank you everyone who participated and left wonderful comments!

Stay tuned for December because that is our 2 year blog anniversary and I have an idea for another giveaway.


  1. Oh Marcie will be giddy! I however am not :(! I do know it is going to a good home but I so would have preferred mine! LOL And it would have made such a great birthday present too! Love your work (I think you already know that) and I will stay tuned!

    Hugs to you and Mom


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