Monday, October 4, 2010

We've Had Better Days

Sunday's show was at Whyte Horse Winery in Monticello called Art on the Vine.  The sun was out and there were a lot of nice cars, but I think that is all I can say about the show.  I don't think we even made enough to pay for half a tank of gas.

The day was not as cold as I thought it would be but it was windy!  And guess what, mom and I left the sides of the tent at home and I had to drive all the way to mom's house to get the sides (a 45 minute drive).  We can't figure out why we took that bag out of the car when the car was still packed with all of our fair stuff (who knows what you do when you are tired).  While I gone mom got the inventory out, but we couldn't set the booth up like we usually do because of the wind, and I guess while I was gone one of the tables even blew over, how nice.
Our Booth with only one level and no neck stands
I did take a few cool pictures of the old time cars, but not as many as I wanted, the battery in the camera was dying.  I think mom and I were jinxed for this show!  Though I did get some knitting done, so that was a plus for this show.


Grapes and Cars

Buick (I Think)

Horn and Light on a Ford

A Model "A"

Harley Davidson

At least we are done with outside shows for the year.  We just have one more show and that is the three day show at the Frankfort Library and mom and I are really looking forward to that show! 

Now it is back to making more beads and cutting out pieces to be enameled.  Both mom and I have been in withdrawal from the studio!

Oh, my early Christmas gift.  Well, mom's copier/scanner/fax went and died on us this weekend so mom asked if I would like one of my Christmas present early and I said sure.  Mom said she bought it from QVC when it was on sale and was holding it for Christmas.  She thought I would like a copier/printer/scanner at my house for when I was working on the inventory or anything else.  Well, since I do most of the inventory and stuff at mom's we just set this baby up to the new computer.  Isn't mom the best!!!!

I hope you all had a better weekend than we did.  Tonight we plan on putting away all the inventory, chairs, tents, tables, and everything else and then I want to work on making beads.  I guess mom will be mowing while I do all that.  I will work on opening up the Etsy shop tonight or tomorrow.  There is stuff in the shop that was sold that I need to inactivate and I need to also take photos of some stuff I want to upload to the shop.  Busy, busy, busy!

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Oh I am so sorry the show was a bust! But as usual Mom is the BOMB! You are so luck to still have her around and she is lucky you still want her around! Love to you both!

  2. Don't moms rock??? They are the absolute best. So sorry to hear that the show was a dud. Hey, at least it looked like a beautiful day - minus the wind, of course. And you probably got your name out there.

    Hope you're having a great week.


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