Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blow Off Saturday

Mom sawing out Flame bowl

Filing the flame bowl

Mom and I have grand plans on Saturdays, like sawing out tons of bowls and pendants, but that ended up not happening.  I don't know if it is the weather or what, but mom is not feeling well (she is snotting around).  We started off pretty good this morning, mom worked on sawing out two bowls and I worked on filing pendants and taking photographs of the process of how we make the pendants.  Then it all went to hell.

I asked mom if she wanted to take a break and she said yes.  We ended up going to Barnes and Noble because I wanted to look at blogging books to figure out how to make a widget for Lori's Cup of Bead Soup for November.  Mom and I are her feature artist in November and I wanted to get a widget made up for her.  I am more confused than ever.  I didn't find a book that explained it very well and I have tried to find sites that explain how to make a widget and do it for free.  UGH!!!  I need a freaking drink now!  So, not tech savy am I!  If anyone can recommend a site or a book I would love you forever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That has been most of my afternoon, working on finding an explaination about widgets and tring to create a widget.  Mom is taking a nap right now and I think I am off to go home and have that drink!  I have half a bottle of Three Amigos left and I can finish that off while reading a book.  So unproductive are us - sorry all.

I do plan on enameling tomorrow.  I have six pendants and one bowl ready to be enameled.  It takes the kiln about an hour to heat up so I think I can get two more bowls filed before the enameling session starts.  I have my fingers crossed that mom is feeling better tomorrow, I need to put her to work.  There are two pendants I would love to be able to enamel tomorrow (if they are cut out) and I have glued down two bowl patterns to be cut out; a kokapelli design and a bonsai tree design.  Oh well.  Hopefully we are more productive tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for us!


  1. I am crossing my fingers for you, and me, as well! I have been working several hours sawing and enameling just one piece! It is so time consuming! Maybe it's all those coffee breaks...Good luck this weekend!

  2. Take a well deserved break! You will get it done and they will be amazing!
    Hugs to you and Mom


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