Friday, October 22, 2010

Almost Full Moon Photographs

Moon Behind the House
Yesterday, as I was pulling out of my garage when I noticed a bright light off to the west.  I am thinking to myself, "What in the world is so bright over there because I know it isn't the lights from the Wal-mart or the factory".  Then I remembered the moon was almost full.  I pulled further out of the drive, and yup, there it was; The Moon.  I had to go digging through my purse looking for my camera so I could get a picture of the moon in all its glory!  Let me tell you, I think the moon knew I was trying to take a picture of it and it seemed to be setting faster than normal.  Darn moon, didn't it know I wanted to capture its beauty, what a Prima Donna!
Fountain in the retaining pond, car going by and the moon

I moved further down my road to try and get a better picture and stopped by our retaining pond and took some pictures.  The one above is of the lighted fountain, a car going by and the moon behind the house.
Moon with Clouds across it
I then left the subdivision and went to the parking lot behind Wal-mart to try and get a better photograph of the moon.  Didn't get much better then this shot.
Somewhat decent photo of the moon

Then this morning I got up a little earlier and when I left the moon was behind my tree.
You can sort of see the leaves obscuring the moon. 

So, there you go.  Shots of the moon.  I just wished I could have got a picture of the moon and the way the light was shining so bright yesterday.  It was just awesome.  I hope you had a chance to see the full moon this week.  It makes you stop and appreciate the beauty around you that is for sure.  I am going to see if mom can design a bowl around the full moon!


  1. Pretty pretty moon pics! I needed a lunar boost!


  2. I always feel drawn to the moon, my astrologer friend said my moon is in cancer. Love the orange glow photo. Captivating. Enameled Moon Catcher Bowls in the making? Also thanks for you comments on my post. It is always encouraging and inspiring to get feedback on my work.


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