Sunday, October 24, 2010

Only Halfway Done

Enamel Set Up
Mom still was not feeling well today, but we still worked, and we only got half of the enameling done and both of us hurt!!! Mom has bone spurs in her neck that start hurting after a lot of bending over and I have feet problems and I can't be on my feet more than a few hours at a time.  It sucks getting old!

I didn't get over to mom's until around 8:00am and I started up the kiln.  Then both mom and I started filing and sanding the pendants and bowls.  I hate, hate, hate filing and sanding; though I make mom sand because I hate ending up with black hands and the feel of your hands afterwards give me the woobies.  Yes, I use to sand and file for class, but I have mom now :)

I also was taking photos of the step by step process of making one of our pendants.  I still have three more steps to take photographs of, but mom and I will do that tomorrow night.  I will post what I have done on our Facebook site, but not on Flickr until I have all the steps completed.

Here is what the studio, aka mom's garage, looked like, the bowls and pendants before enameled, and the backside of the bowls and pendants enameled.  I will finish enameling the bowls and pendants on Saturday because we have more bowls that mom is sawing out now (ThumBOWLina bowls for the Frankfort show).

Another view of the enameling set up

Work area

Bowls to Enamel

Pendants to enamel

Earth and Air Pendants

Fire and Water


Green Leaf

Red Leaf

All Fired Up

Dragon Fly

Fields of Grain


I am not to happy with the way the All Fired Up bowl turned out, but I plan on putting another layer of color on so I am hoping that helps.  The pendants and the other bowls need a layer of clear on the side that is enameled and then I can enamel the other side of the pendants and bowls.  I am also still on the fence on the way the Dragon Fly bowl looks like.  I used two new transparent blues on the wings and I used a new transparent red mixed with two transparent orange's for the outside of the bowl, not sure about it yet.  Oh well.

That is it for us tonight. 


  1. That "All Fired Up" and "Lotus" are flipping amazing!

  2. Just came across your blog, i have to say i really love your enameled bowls, will have to go and check out your etsy site.


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