Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day of the Dead

"Day of the Dead"
 I know that this holiday is not for another week, but I had to share the necklace named after "The Day of the Dead".  I am so happy with the way it turned out, though mom was swearing the whole time she was making it for me.  THANK YOU MOM!!!

I had a design idea for the necklace and I wanted to use ribbon, this is our first time using ribbon.  I wanted the ribbon to be threaded through a chain and have the sugar beads I made part of the necklace.  I didn't care how mom put the elements together, but I knew that is what I wanted in the necklace. 
Close Up of Ribbon and Beads
The small red beads are sugar beads that I bought from Bead Angels in Indianapolis.  The white and purple beads, with clear frit on them, I made, and of course the chain (gun metal), with ribbon and our wonderful skull pendant.  At first I wasn't happy with the way the colors turned out on the pendant, but now I love, love, love it!!!
Today I am wearing the necklace and then I will either post it on Etsy or wait to have it for our Frankfort show.
Work Area Last Night
Mom and I also worked on bracelets last night.  We ripped apart about 10 of our old bracelets and refurbished them.  While mom re-strung the bracelets I worked on crimping the ends of the bracelets (mom doesn't like to crimp).  So, it was a mini assembly line last night.
This is my work area and you can see some of our pendants in the background, a box filled with some of Kelley's egg beads that I want to make into a bracelet and the bracelets I am working on crimping.
Mom's nice and organized work area.  If I could only be that organized, oh well.  The middle bracelet is an idea I had and mom is trying to make it work.  She is using beads that she has been trying to steal forever but I won't let her.  I told her I would make her more beads but she keeps giving me puppy dog eyes, but I hold out!
I didn't capture a very good picture to do the beads justice.  You will just have to wait until mom is done putting the bracelet together and I get time to take better photographs.

Oh, I had to share these two pictures.  I finally got the water and fire pendants made up into a lariat necklace.  I am so happy with how the necklace turned out and I am really happy with how the beads I made went with the pendants.

"Fire and Water" necklace
Blue "Fishscale" beads and Red/Orange "Flame" beads
As accent beads I used Red Creek Jasper and Sodalite.

I still can't believe how much mom and I got done last night.  We usually are too tired to do anything on the weekdays so we get most of our work done on the weekends, but since mom wasn't feeling good this weekend I think we were making up for the lost work hours.

I hoped you enjoyed the photo show.  I hope to have more pictures posted soon.

Oh, don't forget the giveaway for our 200th post.  Head over to the post to leave a comment if you haven't already.


  1. Beautiful work, ladies!! That Day of the Dead necklace is the bomb~ and those lampwork beads for your pendants are a perfect match. Love.

  2. Oh Oh OH I love it! Mom and you have an awesome partnership! Some day one of your creations will be mine!!!!



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